WestJet: Status lift helps you achieve the highest status in the Rewards program

Status Lift is a new benefit that has been added to the WestJet Rewards program for WestJet RBC® World Elite Mastercard‡ cardholders. This benefit allows you to earn more eligible flight spend towards your higher tier status when you use your credit card for everyday purchases. By using your card for such purchases, you can speed up your rewards and get closer to the next level.

Upgrade your status in the WestJet Rewards loyalty program

Which includes all transactions made with your credit card, such as gas, groceries and other daily expenses. By using your credit card for these purchases, you can earn $500 which you can turn into qualifying points for your elite status. Remember, qualifying expenses reset each year on your account anniversary date. This means you have a full year to accumulate the $15,000 to earn the $500 status upgrade.

Once you have obtained a status change, you can exchange it for the corresponding elite status with your airline. For example, if you have Gold status, you can use your $500 bonus to upgrade to Platinum status. Or, if you already have Platinum status, you can use your status carryover to maintain your status for an additional year.

WestJet Lift status is determined by the amount of qualifying dollars a member earns in a qualifying year (January 1 through December 31).

This tier offers even more benefits, such as priority boarding, priority baggage, free checked baggage, 20% off WestJet Vacations packages and up to 100% off qualifying flights, and more.

Receive an annual companion voucher

Every year when you renew your card, you’ll receive a round-trip travel companion voucher that you can use to travel anywhere in Canada or the continental United States, starting at $119 CAD. This means you and a companion can travel to your destination for the price of a single ticket.

Check your baggage for $0

To take advantage of this, simply provide your card number when you book your flight with WestJet, and your first checked bag will be free. This benefit applies to all of the Canadian airline’s destinations worldwide, allowing you to save money and travel easily.

Why should I get the WestJet World Elite Mastercard RBC?

In addition to the Status Lift, this card also offers great benefits and rewards. You will earn WestJet dollars for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases, which you can redeem for flights, hotels and other privileges. You will also receive an annual companion voucher which will allow you to take a companion on a low cost flight. Plus, you’ll have access to travel insurance and other exclusive benefits.

One of the key benefits of the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard is that all purchases made with the card are eligible for rewards, excluding certain fees and transactions such as interest, balance transfers, funds and traveler’s cheques. This means that every time you use your card to shop, pay a utility bill, or make any other qualifying purchase, you earn rewards.

3 x $500 of eligible expenses

Status Lift is a program that allows WestJet Rewards members to earn qualifying spend toward higher status levels when making purchases using their WestJet RBC Mastercard.

Under the program, if you charge $45,000 or more to your card in a year, you’ll receive $1,500 in qualifying spend to earn a higher status tier in the WestJet Rewards program.

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