Baggage dispute: Here’s how to defend your rights and claim compensation from WestJet Airlines

Baggage delayed, lost or damaged while traveling with WestJet Airlines? International conventions, including the Montreal Convention, provide for compensation for damages suffered in the event of a problem during air travel with the Canadian airline.

What steps should be taken and what compensation should be provided?

When traveling by air, if you have any problems with your checked and hold baggage, the time limits for appeal and compensation depend on the agreement governing the flight you have taken.

The applicable agreement is indicated on your plane ticket. If not, contact WestJet customer service for answers to any questions you may have on this topic.

Delayed Baggage Delivery

Baggage is considered delayed when it is not present when you get off the plane but is delivered to you later free of charge.

When you notice that your luggage is not there when you arrive, report it immediately at the counter of the company that made the last flight, or on its website, so that it can register your complaint and start the search.

– You have up to 12 hours to report your injury

By exceeding this deadline, you risk losing all rights to compensation, if your baggage does not appear or even if it is delivered to you late.

So, by reporting the inconvenience to WestJet’s Airlines customer service or dispute department (by providing a report containing the description of your baggage and other data helping to locate it), you increase your chance of finding and recovering it quickly.

You can create your baggage irregularity report online and receive your file number.

You can also track and know the status of your application online.

– Contact a Baggage Services Agent at the airport

If you have lost your baggage at the airport, the best way to retrieve it is to contact a baggage service agent who will usually be able to create a report for you and advise you of the next steps to speed up the process of finding and delivering your luggage.

– Request a refund from WestJet: Expenses due to the temporary absence of your baggage are recoverable

If the absence of your baggage has forced you to buy basic necessities, including hygiene products, underwear, etc., you can request reimbursement from WestJet upon presentation of the invoices. It is therefore always necessary to keep the proofs of purchase including the invoices with the name of the store, the date, the details of the articles, … because the payment slips made by bank cards are not sufficient.

It is also advisable to keep all the documents relating to your trip and your luggage, such as the plane ticket, boarding pass, luggage tag and report of irregularity in the luggage.

If your baggage is found, the WestJet airline may offer, if provided for in its general conditions of sale, to deliver the baggage to you at the address mentioned in the complaint.

Baggage lost while traveling with WestJet: Refund policy and compensation

– Dalayed Baggage

Passengers traveling on lines connecting two destinations in America, whose baggage has not been returned to them after 48 hours, may claim compensation from WestJet of $100 (CAD or USD).

Beyond this period, they can claim an additional $150 from their airline for a total compensation of $250.

For flights serving destinations outside the American continent, passengers may claim compensation from WestJet in the amount equivalent to the amounts indicated above, in other currencies (EURO, POUNDS STERLING, etc.).

– Lost Baggage

If your baggage is reported as lost or damaged, you may receive compensation of up to $2300 CAD unless you have already declared its value before the flight (exceeding this amount).

Write and submit an online reimbursement request

Lost or damaged baggage, missing suitcase, … for this you must write to WestJet within 3 days of receipt of your suitcase for the Warsaw convention and 7 days for the Montreal convention, providing as much possible elements concerning goods damaged during transport (purchase invoices or photographed items).

Submit your expense claim online with one click.

– Lost Precious Items

WestJet disclaims all liability if a dispute arises at the airport relating to loss or damage to valuables. The Canadian airline invites its customers to put all their fragile or precious objects and articles in their hand luggage or make a special declaration of interest during check-in if they wish to place them in their checked baggage.

Contact a West

If none of the complaint solutions listed above solve the problem, then you have only one choice, contact WestJet Customer Relations by telephone to report the dispute and request assistance:

– Inside Canada: 1-866-666-6224

– Outside Canada: +1-403-444-2581

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