Volaris V.Club Program Registration: Membership Price

Benefit from advantageous reductions on your purchases and reservations of flight tickets with Volaris? Join the V.Club program of the Mexican airline.

The V.Club program is designed to provide members with exclusive discounts and benefits when booking flights, hotels, car rentals and other services with Volaris. Members can also earn points for every purchase which can be redeemed for free flights or upgrades.

In addition, you will have access to special offers and promotions reserved for V.Club members, such as priority boarding on all your flights and priority check-in at airports. You will also enjoy exclusive access to the Volaris VIP Lounge at Mexico City International Airport.

Registration and membership in the V.Club program

To become a member, simply register at www.volaris.com/vclub and complete the form. Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with your membership card and information allowing you to access all the advantages of the program including special offers and promotions.

– Register online

When you visit Volaris.com, in the menu bar fixed at the top, click on Sign up, fill in the form by completing the required fields and then click on Crate my Account.

Three subscription formulas to the V.Club program

– Individual

The recurring costs linked to your subscription by choosing this formula start at 29.99 USD per year. This status is ideal for solo getaways, whether you’re relaxing on a hidden beach, exploring new places, or visiting that special someone in a faraway town. To obtain it, the only condition is to be of legal age.

– Duo

This formula is accessible and offered at an annual rate of 49.99 USD.

Duo status is for those who always enjoy traveling with someone else, whether it’s your partner, a friend, or even for those trips with mom and daughter, dad and son, or whatever the winning combination. Only the holder of the subscription must be of legal age, and the guide can change with each trip, so you can invite the person you want.

– Friends & Family

Thanks to this annual subscription offered at 149.99 USD, you benefit from exclusive advantages and privileges.

With this formula, children aged 2 to 12 do not pay the airfare, only the airport usage fee. So prepare your suitcases to escape with the children to the best destinations in Mexico on Volaris flights.

How do I access the benefits?

When booking your Volaris flights:

– Choose a flight by selecting a departure date of your choice;

– Select any destination in Mexico;

– Buy your flights at least two weeks before the departure date.

When you become a Volaris Club member, you sign up at the cheapest rate for a whole year. In addition, you benefit from exclusive offers every Thursday that make your reservation economical. You can also contact Volaris v club customer service phone number to know more benefits of membership.

Becoming a member of V.Club allows you to benefit from discounts of up to 25% on national and international flight ticket prices.

Level up in the V.Club program: Purchase an upgrade

If you have an Individual status, it is indeed possible to upgrade and move to the next level (Duo and Family & Friends) in order to unlock access to more interesting benefits.

You can designate between two and nine people of your choice by giving them the same privileges granted to you by this rewards program.

Buy a membership on your next flight with our flight attendants. After making payment, send a photo of your ticket with your full name to this adress and we’ll send you a code and instructions to activate your membership.

Note: Passengers with the Volaris INVEX or V.Pass card are automatically enrolled in the V.Club program.

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