Booking flight tickets for group travel with Volaris

Group booking at Volaris? Ten passengers (between adults and children aged two or over) or more, wishing to travel together (to the same destination and departing from the same airport) can use this service offered by the Mexican airline, and take advantage of its exclusive advantages.

Taking a Volaris flight in a group: What are the advantages?

First, passengers (up to ten) traveling on a Volaris aircraft with a single booking benefit from flexible fares. The price offer is set individually, depending on the selected date and flight.

– Flexibility when booking: Adding and changing names

Group rates are set well in advance of the departure date. Passenger data may be corrected before full payment is made. Even if a deposit is paid, you can exchange one passenger for another.

Changes to names and other data are permitted up to four hours before the flight (Only on outbound flights).

– Add more passengers to your travel party

Up to nine more passengers can be added to your booking provided payment has not yet been made.

To be able to increase the size of your group, it is also necessary to request another quote.

– Cancel your group travel reservation

As soon as the payment of the flight reservation is validated (whether partial or complete), it is simply not possible to cancel it or have the right to a refund.

In return, it will be possible to change its connection by choosing a new destination or another starting point. No additional charges are applied by Volaris, however, the new fare may be different from the original booking price.

– Changing the flight route: Possible or not?

Like name changes, route changes are possible up to four hours before departure, beyond this time, it is not possible to change your route.

While noting that additional costs are charged from the second reservation modification request.

When can you request an invoice for your group trip?

You can retrieve your last invoice online by making an online request or by email. It basically depends on your starting point.

– Flight from Guatemala:

Send your request by email to the following address:

– Flight departing from El Salvador:

Send your request by email to this address:

– Flight departing from Honduras:

Request your invoice and send it to this email address:

Flight departing from Costa Rica (San Jose Airport): Request your invoice by filling out this electronic form.

Flight from Mexico, Colombia or the United States

If your group flight is scheduled to depart from an airport located in one of these three countries or the countries listed above, you must send your invoice request to your Volaris airline within a maximum of four days at from the date your reservation payment was made.

Flight from Peru:

Go to and request your invoice within 24 hours of your payment. If you do not receive an answer within the next day, send it by email:

Ask for your quote by phone

To make an airline ticket reservation for group travel on a Volaris flight:

  • Mexico: 01 55 1102 8000 ▪ Option 8
  • United States: 1 (855) 8652-747 ▪ Option 8
  • Guatemala: 502-2301-3939 ▪ Option 8
  • Costa Rica: 506-4000-0229 ▪ Option 8
  • El Salvador: 503-2504-5540 ▪ Option 8
  • Colombia: +57 60 1744 3272 ▪ Option 8
  • El Honduras: 504 2202 7900 ▪ Option 8
  • Peru: +51 16449040 ▪ Option 8

Volaris flight booking for group travel: Exclusive benefits are granted to passengers

– Quick response time:

Sign up and get a quote in less than 10 minutes

– Multiple tariff options:

Basic and Plus fares for travel with or without baggage.

– Provide passenger list

The list of travelers can be communicated up to 96 hours before the flight.

– Change of name (replacing one passenger with another):

This service is provided for only $50 (per passenger)

– Free date change:

The first travel date change is made free of charge

Volaris baggage allowance rules offered on group flights

– On scheduled flights from Mexico:

  • Basic rate

The authorized allowance includes the carriage of a:

– One carry-on bag that measures 48″ (22x16x10)

– Personal item (handbag or computer bag, …)

The maximum weight allowed for both pieces of luggage is 22 pounds.

  • Plus rate

An improved baggage allowance is offered to passengers choosing this fare:

Two carry-on bags with a total weight of 44 lbs, and total dimensions 48 in (22x16x10)

Checked baggage that weighs 55 lbs and measures 62 in.

– On international flights

  • Basic rate

One carry-on + one handbag (or other item) whose combined weight is 22 lbs. The dimensions of the additional item are limited to 40 In (14x18x8).

  • Plus Rate

Each passenger in the group is entitled to one piece of hand luggage (22x16x10in) + an additional bag (14x18x8in) whose total weight must not exceed 22Ib.

In the hold, each of the travelers in the group has the possibility of checking in a piece of baggage with a size of 62 Po, weighing 55 Ib.

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