All the options and methods authorized to pay for reservations with Volaris

Over the years, the preferences of airline consumers have evolved significantly. Today, many of them turn almost instinctively to their screen to make their flight reservations. Ultra-connected, they have several requirements. Among these, an uninterrupted shopping journey, particularly at the time of payment.

So, in order to meet their needs, Volaris offers its customers several practical and highly secure online payment solutions.

Customers who are looking for a fast and flexible booking experience for their plane tickets to fly on a Volaris route benefit from a simple, fast and above all secure online payment solution.

Whether they make flight reservations from its website or its mobile application, Volaris facilitates the completion of its payment form to limit errors, in particular on credit card entries where it accompanies the customer by indicating to him whether his card is entered correctly.

Several payment methods integrate the Volaris portfolio, namely:

– Paypal (Online Payment Service)

PayPal is an online payment system that allows users to securely transfer money to their airline to pay for their flight booking fees. It acts as an intermediary between passengers and their air operator, allowing them to make payments conveniently and securely. Buyer must have a PayPal account and enter their account information in the payment form in order for funds to be transferred. Once the payment has been processed, PayPal will deposit the funds directly into the sender’s bank account (Volaris).

Due to its innovative security features, PayPal remains one of the most popular payment methods for online airline ticket reservations.

Settle your payments at Volaris with credit and debit cards


American Express (AMEX) is a widely accepted method of payment for purchases and other transactions in Mexico and around the world. AMEX payments are processed by an extensive global network of merchants and banking institutions, enabling customers to make secure payments in over thirty countries around the world.

Volaris customers can use their AMEX card online or at any compatible point of sale to make flight reservations or other purchases with the Mexican airline.

With a wide variety of payment options available, from cardless take-out transactions to traditional physical check payments, AMEX offers Volaris passengers a simple and secure way to shop wherever they go.

– MasterCard

Paying for a Volaris plane ticket with Mastercard is generally the safest, most convenient and economical option when traveling. In addition to making safe and fast payments online, Mastercard offers various rewards and discounts to loyal customers.

On top of that, Mastercard offers peace of mind with fraud protection measures such as unauthorized user alerts and emergency card replacement services in case your card is lost.


UATP is a payment network that offers its customers a convenient and economical payment solution for the purchase of airline tickets. With UATP, you get enhanced security and unparalleled support. It also offers discounts and savings on selected flights by partnering with hundreds of the largest airlines in Mexico including Volaris.

Paying for airfare with UATP eliminates costly mistakes and ensures you get the best deal available.


Paying for a Volaris airline ticket with a Visa card can be advantageous because of the financial protection and rewards programs that can come with it. Many Visa cards offer purchase protection that will cover any accidental damage or theft of items purchased on the card within three months of purchase.

VISA cards make it easy to view your statements and track your expenses. Additionally, they offer real-time fraud alert notifications as well as expert customer support.

– Invex Banco

Paying for a plane ticket on the Volaris website or app with an Invex card is a great idea because it allows you to pay your booking fees in no time, anywhere and in complete security. With Invex Banco Card you can also access exclusive discounts, promotions and points for travel-related purchases. Moreover, the Invex card comes with many security features such as fraud protection, contactless payments, real-time account alerts.

All in all, the Invex Banco Card is a great way to make your airfare purchase more rewarding.

Other means of payment accepted by Volaris

If you prefer to settle your payments at physical Volaris branches, you can use other methods such as OXXO, SEVEN 7 and Walmart.

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