Checking in on Volaris flights: Here are the different means available to travelers

The Volaris web check-in service offers many advantages to travellers. By using it, travelers can save time by avoiding long queues at the airport and can select their preferred seat in advance. Additionally, they can also print their boarding pass from home or have it sent to their mobile device. This eliminates the need to queue at the counter. Additionally, travelers can also save money by using the online check-in service as it eliminates the need to pay for checked baggage at the airport.

Last check-in deadline on Volaris flights

Through the Mexican airline’s website or via its mobile application, you can check in your flight to confirm your presence on board the day of the flight, but this must be done from 72 hours and up to 1 hour before departure.

Checking in online for a Volaris flight? What are the steps to follow and accomplish?

To check in online with Volaris, travelers must first visit the Volaris website or open its mobile app and enter their booking information (booking reference and last name). Once done, they will be able to select their preferred seat and print or download their boarding pass. They may also add additional services such as extra luggage or meals at that time.

And what after check-in?

By completing the procedure, passengers receive their printed or digital boarding passes. This document must be presented at the airport security checkpoint before proceeding to the boarding gate.

Mobile check-in: Open and use the Volaris app

Interested passengers should first download the Volaris app from the App Store or Google Play. Once done, they can enter their reservation information and select their preferred seat. They can then print or download their boarding pass on their devices (smartphone or tablet).

– Check-in from WhatsApp

Check in on your next flight with Volaris from your smartphone by opening your WhatsApp application. Just send a message and then the self-care tool (Chatbot) can generate an automated conversation that will help you complete your check-in and collect your boarding pass.

Guidelines for hassle-free travel with Volaris

– Arrive early at the airport

You must arrive on time for the flight with your documents in hand because the security point review is in charge of the airport and can be time consuming.

– Patiently waiting for the flight

On the day of the flight, some airports may be undergoing renovations. Volaris adapts to the spaces made available, always offering the best service.

– Approach Orderly

Follow the instructions of our staff for a more agile approach.

Keep in mind that in high season the influx of people at airports increases.

Volaris passengers should also remember that for international flights there are different regulations applicable to each country. They must therefore make sure to check the requirements in order to be able to prepare for their trip and not have any setbacks before boarding.

How do I check in at the airport?

Airport check-in is the most common way to add your name to the list of passengers who will be on board on the day designated in your reservation.

If travelers can’t check in online or from a mobile app, they can still check in at the airport. To do so, they must first go to the Volaris counter and present their valid ID/passport with their plane tickets and VISA if necessary. They can then ask the counter agent to help them select their preferred seat and print or download their boarding pass.

What documents are needed at the airport?

– Valid passport;

– PAN card issued by the income tax service;

– Identity card with electoral photo;

– Valid driver’s license;

– Employer-issued photo ID, being reputable government and private sector organizations;

– Picture credit card.

Quick check-in at an automatic kiosk (Self-Service Terminal)

This device is available at Mexico City International Airport. The advantage of self-check-in is that it saves travelers time by avoiding long queues at the counter. Additionally, travelers can also select their preferred seat and print or download their boarding pass from the kiosk. Finally, travelers can also use the terminal to make changes to their flight, such as changing seats or adding additional services.

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