How to make a claim to Volaris for your lost and damaged baggage

Losing baggage or receiving it in damaged condition after flying with Volaris can be a major inconvenience for passengers at the airport. Not only can it be a frustrating and time-consuming process to file a claim, but it can also disrupt the whole travel experience.

When baggage is lost, passengers are often left without their essentials and may need to buy new clothes and toiletries. Not only can it be expensive, but it can also be difficult to find and buy these items at the airport or in an unfamiliar location. Also, many people have sentimental or valuable items in their luggage that cannot be replaced.

On the other hand, when baggage is damaged, passengers may have to deal with broken or unusable items and may need to purchase new baggage. This can be especially frustrating for those who have invested in high-quality luggage and expect it to last for many trips.

The process of filing a claim for lost or damaged baggage can also be a major inconvenience. Passengers often have to navigate confusing and time-consuming procedures, and may have to wait for a resolution. This can be especially frustrating for those on a tight schedule who need their luggage for upcoming events or activities.

Claim for lost or broken luggage: Steps to take to assert your rights with Volaris

To file a claim with Volaris for delayed baggage delivery, you can follow these steps:

– Contact the baggage service counter at the airport as soon as possible (maximum 3 days after flight arrival):

– Look for the Volaris baggage service counter or ask a customer service representative for assistance. They will give you a report of the incident, this document is called Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

Provide supporting documents: You will need to provide a copy of your PIR, a copy of your boarding pass and your ID to file a claim.

Wait for a response from Volaris: After submitting your complaint, you should receive a response from Volaris within a reasonable time.

If you do not receive a response or are unhappy with the resolution, you can contact Volaris Customer Service and provide your claim number, they can check the status of your claim and give you more information.

It is important to keep in mind that the time it takes to resolve a claim may vary depending on the circumstances of the delay and the resolution process may take several weeks.

Time limit for filing a claim

You have up to three weeks (21 days) from your flight arrival date to report the problem and file a claim with Volaris.

What compensation for delayed baggage when traveling with Volaris?

When your luggage is delayed, ie it does not arrive at the same time as your flight with Volaris, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount you can receive depends on the value of the items in your lost or damaged baggage, and the cause of the loss or damage.

Value and amount of compensation: Volaris owes you $250 per day (up to three days).

First, you must report the lost or damaged baggage to a Volaris representative as soon as possible. This must be done at the airport baggage service desk or by contacting the Volaris Customer Service Center. Make sure you have your baggage claim ticket and a detailed list of the items in your baggage, including their value and any relevant receipts or proofs of purchase.

The compensation that Volaris owes you in the event of loss of/damage to your baggage

Compensation for lost or damaged baggage while traveling with Volaris is based on the value of the items in your baggage. The maximum compensation for lost or damaged baggage is USD 1700 per passenger.

It is important to note that there are certain exclusions to the compensation policy for lost or damaged baggage. Volaris will not compensate for loss or damage caused by war, civil unrest or any other event beyond the control of the airline. Additionally, no compensation will be provided for items that are not properly packed or for items that cannot be carried as checked baggage, such as fragile or perishable items.

To ensure that you are adequately compensated for lost or damaged baggage on a domestic or international flight with Volaris, be sure to report the loss or damage as soon as possible, have a detailed list of items in your baggage, and be prepared to provide proof of the value of the items.

It is also important to keep in mind that the process of claiming compensation for lost or damaged baggage can take some time. It is advisable to keep all documentation and evidence of the incident, including the baggage claim ticket, and to follow up regularly with the customer service center.

WhatsApp phone number: +52 55 5898 8599

Complete and submit an online form: Click here.

Make a declaration of value before boarding

When traveling by air with Volaris, it is important to be aware of valuables that should not be placed in checked baggage, as the Mexican airline assumes no liability if a conflict arises (for example, valuables are lost, broken or stolen). These include fragile or perishable items, such as glass, jewelry, electronics, and cash.

Otherwise, in order to travel with peace of mind, you have the option of making a special declaration at the airport. This is insurance that assesses the value of your luggage and its contents for an additional fee.

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