VivaAerobus: Guide to the boarding process

For those traveling for the first time with VivaAerobus, boarding procedures may seem complicated. The airport itself can seem like a place full of difficult-to-understand codes and signs.

By following this simple step-by-step guide, it will be very easy to understand how to get on the plane and take off without any problem.

First of all, it is important to arrive at the airport prepared, to avoid any hiccups that could waste time. For this reason, the first rule is: air travel begins before you leave.

Don’t forget to carry your travel documents in your bag

Certain safety rules prohibit the transport of certain objects or products on board the aircraft. It is important to follow them when it comes to checked baggage.

It is essential to have on you all the documents and documents necessary to complete your travel procedures, such as identity document and passport, entry visa for the country of destination (if necessary) and plane ticket.

Arrive at the airport on time

Depending on the size of the departure airport and the departure period, it will be advisable to calculate the advance with which to arrive at the airport to avoid arriving late for boarding, including queues for boarding wait at check-in and security checks.

An average of three hours before boarding time can be a good measure for peace of mind. Delays are reduced if you check in online or mobile.

What does the boarding pass contain?

On the boarding pass it is possible to read some fundamental information to follow the procedures that will finally take you on board the plane:

– Boarding time

– Flight number

– Departure airport

– Arrival Airport (Destination)

– Seat number (and row) on the plane

Keep your boarding pass and document handy and proceed to gate security checkpoints in the gate area. To pass the security check, you need your boarding pass.

Before arriving at the security gate, you may be asked for your boarding pass and documents. Once at the control, you will have to pass the following objects under the scanner, to be placed in the appropriate bins on the conveyor roller: Hand luggage, metal objects, purse, articles carried in the pockets, electronic devices, belt, …

Seat number (and row) on the plane

Now, head to the gate

Once you have collected all the items placed in the bin, you can go to the boarding gate and, if necessary, do your shopping beforehand in peace in the duty free zone. Always keep an eye on the boarding start time.

Once the time to board the VivaAerobus aircraft arrives, you will need to present your boarding pass and flight ticket again.

Final boarding time for VivaAerobus aircraft

Boarding gates close ten minutes before the flight. Beyond this time, you will not be able to board the plane.

It is preferable that you present yourself at the boarding gate thirty minutes (30 minutes) before the boarding time.

The boarding pass: what is it for?

The boarding pass has several functions. In particular, it allows you to:

– Identify the passenger;

– Register your name in the list of passengers boarding the aircraft;

– Provide the traveler with all the necessary information about the flight.

When buying a plane ticket from VivaAerobus, you should know that without a boarding pass you will never be able to board the plane. Therefore, after purchase, check-in must be completed first, and then the boarding pass must be collected. At the airport, in fact, this document must be presented both at security checks and, together with the identification document, at the gate established for boarding.

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