United Airlines: Surfboard in checked baggage

Summer is here, and it’s time to hit the waves with your favorite board. If you’re a surfer, wakeboarder, or paddleboarder and you fly United Airlines, you need to know the rules for carrying your favorite board.

At United Airlines, surfboards, wakeboards and paddleboards are considered special baggage and must be placed in checked bags with a total weight limit of 99.9 pounds. Such baggage is subject to additional charges and space availability on the flight.

In terms of size, a surfboard cannot measure more than 115″ (292cm) if the flight is operated by United Airlines, and 80″ (203cm) if the flight is operated by United Express.

United Airlines allows one surfboard, wakeboard, or paddleboard per bag, and items must be packed in a hardshell suitcase or a softshell suitcase with a hardshell back for added protection. The bags should also be sufficiently padded to prevent damage to the board during transport.

When packing your board, be sure to remove the fins and cover your board with protective material to keep it safe during transport. If you are traveling with other gear, such as wetsuits, fins, and leashes, be sure to pack them in a separate bag to avoid exceeding the weight limit or damaging your board.

It is also essential to note that some airports and destinations may impose restrictions or additional charges for transporting boards. It is therefore advisable to check with your airline for specific requirements and regulations.

If you fly United Airlines often, you may want to consider joining its Premier program. This program offers priority handling and delivery of your special baggage. This program can be very useful for avid surfers who need their boards to get to their destination quickly and undamaged.

Check in in advance and notify the airline

When you arrive at the airport, be sure to check in early and let the airline staff know you are checking in a surfboard. This will give you time to settle any additional charges and ensure that your surfboard is placed in the correct luggage compartment. It is also advisable to label your bag with your name, address and telephone number in case you lose or misplace it during the flight.

What are the fees to be paid?

Under United Airlines’ new policy, passengers are allowed to check in up to two surfboards or paddleboards and wakeboards without paying an additional fee. But you should know that this regulation does not apply on connecting flights in California.

This measure is part of a new policy aimed at making it easier and cheaper for water sports enthusiasts to travel with their equipment.

Carefully pack your equipment

United requires that all sports equipment, including surfboards, be packaged properly and securely to prevent damage in transit. For surfboards, United Airlines requires them to be packed in a hard travel bag to prevent damage during transit. Additionally, it requires surfers to sign a waiver acknowledging that the airline is not responsible for any damage caused to the board during the flight.

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