United Airlines: Use the MileagePlus miles and points calculator

The United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flyer program is a popular loyalty program used by many travelers who frequently take United Airlines-operated flights. One of the main benefits of this program is the accumulation of miles which can be redeemed for award flights, upgrades and other valuable benefits. But how are miles calculated under this program?

MileagePlus members earn miles based on their airline ticket prices. A ticket costing $600 earns 50,000 miles while a $900 ticket entitles you to 80,000 points.

Finally, your MileagePlus membership status may also impact the number of miles earned. Members with a higher status, such as Premier Silver, Premier Gold or Premier Platinum, can earn bonus miles in addition to the standard miles earned based on fare class and distance flown. Additionally, higher tier members can enjoy other benefits such as free checked baggage and priority boarding.

United MileagePlus: View mileage and award charts

United Airlines has a comprehensive table on its website that shows the number of miles earned by fare class, distance flown and membership status. However, it is important to note that the mileage earning structure may change at any time and certain fare classes may be excluded from earning miles or bonus miles.

Here is an example:

Entity 1 – Short Haul Americas and LIBR               Central America
US 48 / Canada / Alaska / Caribbean / Mexico / Central America
To / From
US 48 / Canada / Alaska / Caribbean / Mexico / Central America
Reward Description Class Code Points
Round-trip Business Class certificate JN UPP01JN 325,000
ZN UPP01ZN 195,000
PZ UPA01PZ 170,000
Round-trip Economy Class certificate Y UPP010Y 155,000
H UPA010H 85,000
K UPA010K 45,000

Check out other charts here that will help you understand how many miles you get when flying on different United Airlines routes.

Are you a frequent United Airlines flyer? If so, the Perk Plus program might interest you. Here is an overview of this program and the benefits it can bring you.

This program is designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses to save money on their business travel. This loyalty program offers members reduced rates, priority services and access to exclusive benefits.

To join the Perk Plus program, a company must have at least five employees who fly frequently with United Airlines. Once registered, the company will benefit from a discount on flights, which can lead to substantial savings on travel costs.

The program also offers members priority services, including priority access to check-in, security screening and boarding. This saves valuable time and makes travel more efficient.

Additionally, companies enrolled in the Perk Plus program will have access to exclusive benefits such as complimentary upgrades, lounge access and bonus miles. These benefits can improve the travel experience for employees and make travel more attractive.

Enroll Now: Create your United Airlines Perk Plus account

Before you can access your United Airlines Perk Plus account, you must create it. To do this, open this link. You will then be asked to provide some basic information about your business, including your name, email address, and phone number. You will also need to indicate whether you are a travel coordinator or an employee.

Sign into your account

To access your United Airlines Perk Plus account, simply log in to the United Airlines website with your email address and password. From there, you can view your account information, manage your reservations, and enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits.

Account Login: Enter your credentials

On the login page, you will be asked to enter your United Airlines Perk Plus membership number and password (or PIN).

Account Login: Enter your credentials

On the login page, you will be asked to enter your United Airlines Perk Plus membership number and password (or PIN).

Members can save on their hotel reservation and car rental

Perks Plus members earn rewards points every time they book a flight with United Airlines. These rewards can be redeemed for discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel-related expenses.

One of the biggest benefits of joining this program is the ability to save up to 75% on hotel reservations and car rentals. Members can choose from a wide range of hotels and car rental companies and save a significant amount of money on their reservations.

PerksPlus: Miles and rewards chart

The United PerksPlus rewards chart is divided into several tiers, based on a company’s or organization’s annual spend with United Airlines.

As companies spend more with United Airlines, they can move up the tiers on the United PerksPlus rewards chart.

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