United Airlines Clear: Speed up your travels through airports

Have you ever stood in a long security line at an airport and wished you could get through without hassle? United Airlines has launched a new service called Clear that promises to make your travel experience more efficient. But what exactly is United Airlines Clear Service and how does it work? Let’s find out.

This is a biometric identity verification service that allows eligible passengers to skip long security lines at some airports. Clear uses your fingerprint or facial recognition technology to confirm your identity and speed you through security checkpoints.

How do I sign up for Clear?

To do this, you must create an account by providing personal information such as your name, your email address and government-issued ID. Once you have completed the registration process, you can use Clear at any participating airport where it is available.

Log in to your Clear account

Once your account information has been verified, you are ready to access the page where you can log in to your customer area.

To take advantage of this, you must scan your boarding pass or mobile device at a Clear kiosk, followed by your biometric data (fingerprints or facial recognition). Once you are verified and confirmed, you can proceed to the security checkpoint.

Keep in mind that Clear does not replace TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, which are programs that expedite regular security and customs processes, respectively. You must still have TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry to take advantage of these programs.

One of the benefits of Clear is that it’s available at over 30 airports across the United States, including major hubs like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and New York. Additionally, Clear is expanding its footprint and adding new locations.

How much does United Airlines Clear Service cost? and which members can benefit from discounts for subscribing to this service?

Currently, the annual fee to register and use this service is $179 per person, while passengers with Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum and United U.S. Credit Cardmembers get a $30 discount (by paying $149 only).

Members with Premier 1K & Global Services status enjoy free access to Clear.

What biometric data is captured by CLEAR?

CLEAR is primarily focused on capturing three types of biometric data:

–  Fingerprints: CLEAR captures the fingerprints of each finger, because the fingerprints of different fingers have different patterns. Which can help create a complete and unique fingerprint for each person.

– The iris of the eye: taken with a special camera, this photo of the iris of the eye is used to create an imprint of the iris unique to each person. This method is faster and more accurate than the retinal impression because it focuses on the colored part of the eye.

– Face: Capture a high resolution photo of a person’s face. This image is used to compare faces in real time for all registrants.

By using these three types of biometric data, CLEAR can secure access to airports and speed up security checks. The data is stored on secure servers and is never transmitted to third parties without the explicit consent of the customer.

Do you have control over your information?

Clear is a private company that provides expedited security services to passengers at airports and other facilities around the world. However, since it has access to a large amount of passenger information, some travelers are concerned about the privacy of their data. That’s why many wonder if they can ask Clear to delete their information.

Yes, you can ask Clear to delete your information by formulating and sending your request to the following address: privacy@clearme.com.

From what age can one register and become a member of Clear?

CLEAR Plus membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older with valid government-issued identification.

Earning miles using Clear’s services?

Are you a frequent flyer and a United Airlines MileagePlus member? Are you also a CLEAR member and want to go through airport security checkpoints? Good news: you can link your MileagePlus number to your CLEAR account for even more benefits! Here’s how to do it, whether you’re a:

– New member

For this, the process is simple. Simply enter it when prompted and your accounts will be linked.

– Existing members

They can link their MileagePlus number by logging into their CLEAR account. In the My Account section, click on the Loyalty tab. You will then see an option to link your MileagePlus number. Enter your number and click Save.

Linking your MileagePlus number also means you can earn United miles using CLEAR. For each visit to an eligible airport checkpoint, you will earn fifty or more award miles.

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