The Excursionist Perk: Enjoy rewards or even free United Airlines plane tickets

The Excursionist Perk is a benefit offered by United Airlines to its MileagePlus Premier members. It allows eligible members to add a free one-way flight as part of a multi-city single itinerary at no additional mileage charge, subject to certain restrictions and conditions.

To be eligible, the passenger must be in the same region as the travel origin and destination, and the flight must be operated by United or a partner airline.

One of the best ways to use this option is to plan your route carefully. Take the time to research different destinations and flights to ensure you get the most out of this benefit. You can even use a tool like the United Airlines Rewards Card to help you plan your trip.

Another tip for maximizing the Excursionist Perk is to be flexible with your travel dates. If you’re willing to be a little flexible, you might be able to find a flight that fits the benefit restrictions perfectly, giving you even more value for your miles.

The advantages of the stopover policy are preserved with the advantage of the excursionist

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Using the Excursionist Perk in a multi-destination route:

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Tips for Effective Use of Tripper Perks

The following information helps you take advantage of the Excursionist Perk solution on your future travels with United Airlines:

– It is not possible to book a free segment at the end of a round trip itinerary.

– After multiple searches on, clear cookies to ensure correct results are displayed.

– In multi-city search, the 7-day and 30-day options may appear unavailable even when flights are open. Try changing your search dates to find available options.

– There are no restrictions on the number of segments or miles for Excursionist routes.

– Consider using the Jaws Open, which allows you to visit another destination at no additional cost. If you can travel independently to your next destination, it can be added to your itinerary for free.

– Study the regions on the MileagePlus rewards chart, as larger regions generally offer the most value, with longer inter-regional segments being free.

– Avoid contacting United Customer Service, as many agents may be unfamiliar with the Excursionist Perk. One in five agents were able to answer questions about this during our test. Speaking with customer service may result in receiving incorrect information and long wait times.

Other important information and data on using Excursionist Perk

It is important to remember that the Excursionist Perk is only accessible on flights whose regions where the departure and arrival airports are located are different.

Example: If your flight departs from an airport in North America, it must land at an airport outside of North America.

Travel must end in the region MileagePlus indicates when booking.

Only one occurrence out of two rewards (the first one) is free (knowing that they are both eligible for the Excursionist Perk.

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