United Airlines: Earn MileagePlus miles? Discover the most popular ways

It is possible to earn United Airles MileagePlus points while:

– Traveling by plane (Booking flight ticket)

With the MileagePlus program, you can earn miles for flight reservations with United Airlines or on eligible airlines (those of the Star Alliance).


Number of miles and points per dollar

General Member

5 M/$

Premier Silver

7 M/$

Premier Gold

8 M/$
Premier Platinum

9 M/$

Premier 1K

11 M/$

Important: The same number of miles is allocated to you whether you travel in Economy, Business or First class.

Earn miles with United Airlines partners

United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance network, allowing customers to earn miles when flying with affiliated partner airlines. By enrolling in its MileagePlus loyalty program, customers will be able to accumulate miles for their flights on one of the Star Alliance partner airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, TAP Portugal and Air Canada, … These miles can then be redeemed for discounts on future flights or other benefits including upgrades, award tickets, free excess baggage, seats with extra leg room. Additionally, passengers booking through United Airlines will also receive additional benefits from participating partners, such as additional baggage allowance or priority boarding. It’s a great way for frequent flyers to get added value when flying with the United States airline and its partners.

Earn miles with your credit cards

Credit cards are a great way to earn MileagePlus points and access great travel rewards. To earn miles, simply use an eligible Chase VISA MileagePlus co-branded credit card for your purchases. For every dollar spent, you will receive a certain number of miles depending on the type of purchase.

Miles are credited to your MileagePlus account for every dollar spent on groceries, restaurants, gas stations and more. Plus, you can find exclusive airline partners and earn plenty of bonus miles just by signing up for their plans and using your VISA card. By simply swiping or tapping your card each time you shop, you can automatically convert your everyday purchases into rewards points that are instantly redeemable as part of the United MileagePlus travel benefits package.

There are four types of credit cards issued by VISA, with which you can earn points, namely:

– United GatewaySM Card (Up to 30,000 bonus miles), UnitedSM Explorer Card (Up to 60,000 bonus miles), United QuestSM Card (Up to 80,000 bonus miles) and United ClubSM Infinite Card (Up to 100,000 bonus miles). You earn between 2 and 4 miles/$ by using one of these VISA credit cards.

– Two VISA credit cards are offered only to business owners: United Business MileagePlus and United Club Business MileagePlus. If you are one of them, you can have them and accumulate up to 75,000 points by transforming your professional purchases into rewards.

Earning miles by staying at a hotel: Which United Airlines partner hotels are there?

United Airlines partner hotels allow you to earn MileagePlus miles when you book a stay through the United Airlines website or app. This means that you have the opportunity to accumulate rewards for each night spent in one of the partner hotels (Apartments; Country retreats; Resorts; Hotels; Vacation homes; City homes).

You can even use your earned miles to pay for part of a future booking. Not only that, but members who choose to stay at these hotels will receive exclusive offers, discounts and offers throughout the year while they enjoy their stay.

Boost your miles balance by renting cars

Not only will renting a car from a United Airlines partner like you get to your destination, it can also earn you extra miles. With United Airlines and its partner companies including United Cruises, AVIS and Budget, renters can choose from many different cars and the miles they earn count towards their global mileage accrual. Renting through United Airlines and its partners makes it easy and fast for travelers to maximize their rewards while renting their vehicles affordably.

Accumulate and earn Miles with every purchase

When you shop at United Airlines partner brand stores, whether in physical stores or online stores (Apple, CVS Pharmacy, KOHL’S, macys, …) you receive miles for all your purchases, whether they spend is big or small, you earn points for every dollar you spent.

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