United Airlines: Missing miles or point credits in your MileagePlus account? File a claim

What happens when you are missing miles for your flight with United Airlines? You may feel like you’ve lost rewards that were rightfully yours, but don’t worry: there are steps you can take to ensure you’re properly credited for your flights.

Verify your account

Before assuming your miles are gone, check your account to make sure. It is possible that they have not yet been credited. Allow a few days for the miles to show up after your flight, and if they’re still not there, move on to the next step:

Contact the airline

Contact United Airlines Customer Service as soon as possible to report the missing miles. Make sure you have your flight information handy, including date, flight number and booking code. The US carrier requires you to submit a claim within 6 months of the arrival date of the flight in question, so act quickly.

Provide documents

If the airline asks for documents to support your claim, be prepared to provide them. This can be a copy of your boarding pass, e-ticket or itinerary. The more evidence you provide, the easier it will be for the airline operator to investigate and credit your account with the missing miles.

Follow your request

Once you’ve reported your missing miles and provided all necessary documentation, follow up with the airline. Ask for a delay for the appearance of the miles on your account and check if they have not been credited by this date.

It should be noted that the miles awarded to passengers on United Airlines or United Express flights must appear in their account within 48 hours of the arrival time of their flight.

How to claim missing miles?

In fact, the process is easier than ever: just log in to your MileagePlus account to reconcile your missing miles.

Start by going to the “Missing Miles Credit” page in your MileagePlus account. From there, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information about your flight, such as date of travel, airline name, and flight number. You will also need to bring your boarding pass or e-ticket to check for missing miles.

Then choose the option that best suits your situation. If you missed your flight, select the appropriate option and provide the airline with your booking confirmation number. If you flew with another airline but earned MileagePlus miles, select this option and enter your travel information.

Once you have entered all the necessary information, submit your request and wait for a response from United Customer Service. Keep in mind that certain factors, such as airline ticketing procedures or partner restrictions, may affect your ability to earn miles. However, the United team will review your request and get back to you within days.

Claim missing miles on a flight operated by a Star Alliance airline

The first step in resolving missing miles on a Star Alliance flight is to confirm that you were entitled to receive miles for that flight.

If you have confirmed that the flight can earn you Miles and you have not received the corresponding number of Miles in your United Airlines account, then you must contact the airline. The best way to contact the airline is to use their customer service phone number or email. Be sure to have your flight information and frequent flyer number ready when contacting them.

When you take a flight operated by a partner of United Airlines (Star Alliance), the miles received must be credited to your account after 7 to 14 days from the day of arrival of your flight.

– Lost/missing miles on flights operated by a Star Alliance airline

Passengers traveling on an airline other than United Airlines can claim their missing miles from their MileagePlus account unless their flight in question was operated by the following four airlines:

The following codes must be entered in the ticket number box if the passenger does not have a reservation number:

ANA: 2050000000000

Azul: 5770000000000

Eurowings: 1040000000000

JSX: 5690000000000

For other information, you should contact the Customer Service Assistants responsible for administering the MileagePlus program.

Miles missing from your account after purchases from United Airlines non-airline partners?

United Airlines’ non-airline partners include hotels, car rental companies, credit card and other retail partners. While these partners are great for earning miles, it’s not uncommon for miles to disappear during the crediting process. This may be due to an error in the system, a delay in data transmission or incorrect information entered during the transaction.

To avoid loss of miles, it is best to track your transactions and ensure that your account information is accurate. If you notice miles missing after eight weeks, United Airlines recommends that you contact the partner directly to resolve the issue. If the partner is unable to credit your account, you can file a claim for missing miles with the US airline.

Complaint for missing miles following an Economy Plus subscription

If you discover that Premier Qualifying Points (PQP= after purchasing an Economy Plus ticket) are not appearing as expected after 48 hours from the time of your purchase, contact UA Customer Service immediately. You can do this by calling the toll free number, sending an email or using the live chat feature on the website.

When contacting Customer Service, be sure to have your MileagePlus number, the date the Economy Plus subscription was purchased or the gift was activated, and the confirmation number or receipt ready. Explain the problem and ask for help crediting the PQPs to your account.

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