Claim compensation from United Airlines: How and in what cases?

The compensation that United Airlines owes in the event of a flight delay:

– Flight delayed by two hours (2h)

Air travel is often unpredictable and sometimes flights are delayed. As a passenger, dealing with delayed flights can be frustrating, but it’s important to know your rights. According to United Airlines policy, if your flight is two hours late, you have certain options:

– Right to care

Meals and refreshments: You are entitled to meal and refreshment vouchers. These vouchers are usually distributed by airport staff and can be used to purchase food and drink at airport restaurants and cafes.

– Two phone calls and one fax or email notification

Free calls are meant to let someone know you’re late, such as a family member, a hotel you’ve booked, or a car rental company. They also allow you to rebook a new flight at a later date or time, if necessary. United Airlines also offers the option of being notified of your delay by fax or email.

– Right to accommodation

If your flight is delayed overnight, the airline is required to provide you with accommodation which must include a hotel room and transfers to and from the airport. This right applies if the delay is due to the airline and not to factors beyond its control, such as adverse weather conditions.

– Flight delayed by eight hours (8h): Monetary compensation must be granted to the victims

Under US law, if a delay exceeds eight hours, passengers are entitled to the rights mentioned above in addition to compensation of up to $1,350 per person.

This compensation is also granted to passengers who have had to leave their seat against their will (due to overbooking for example)

– Claim a refund from United Airlines

If the cumulative delay on your flight is 5 hours or more, the US airline may offer you a full refund and re-routing to your departure point, depending on your preference. In some cases, United Airlines may also offer a voucher for future travel in lieu of a refund or rerouting, but the decision to accept or decline is yours.

– Obtain compensation

United Airlines strives to keep its passengers informed of any changes in their travel plans. And in case of cancellation of a flight, it offers them the advantages described above except in the case where:

  • The passengers were contacted by their operator two weeks before departure to inform them that their flight was not going to take place on the scheduled date.
  • Travelers were informed of the cancellation of their flight a week in advance but United Airlines provided them with an alternative flight on the scheduled date (no more than two hours after the originally scheduled departure time or arriving at their destination no more than four hours after the original time of their flight)
  • In some cases, passengers are entitled to compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. However, in cases of force majeure (extraordinary circumstances), such as weather conditions, United Airlines is not liable to pay compensation.

These can be natural disasters such as earthquakes, extreme weather conditions or political instability in a foreign country. When force majeure events occur, they are considered an act of God and therefore United Airlines is not liable for any damages caused.

Passengers denied boarding

According to the US Department of Transportation, airlines are allowed to overbook flights to compensate for no-shows and cancellations. However, when passengers are thus denied boarding, the air carrier in question is obliged to compensate them.

If after the overbooking, United Airlines offered you a seat in a lower cabin, in this case you are entitled to a connection compensation at:

  • 60% of the value of your ticket if the new seat you were offered is located in Business class when you were supposed to travel in First class
  • 100% of the amount of your plane ticket, if you have changed from First/Business class to Economy class.

Gather all necessary documents

To substantiate your claim against United Airlines, you must gather all relevant documents. These include your flight itinerary, boarding passes and any correspondence with the airline relating to the disruption. You should also keep all receipts for expenses incurred as a result of the delay, such as accommodation, food, and transportation.

Submit your claim

The next step is to submit your claim to United Airlines. You can do it online by filling out this form. Be sure to include all of the documents you have gathered, as well as a clear and concise explanation of the disruption and the compensation you are seeking.

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