United Airlines flight and baggage check-in policy and final boarding time

Online check-in is the most convenient and fastest way to check in for your flight. Whether you’re traveling with United Airlines on a domestic or international flight, you can use the web or your mobile device to quickly check in wherever you are. This service has revolutionized air travel, saving travelers time, eliminating long queues at the airport and ensuring that all information is up to date before you board your plane. Here’s what you need to know about online check-in offered by United Airlines:

– Create an account or use your existing account

The first step to online check-in is to either create a new account or use one that you have already set up with the US airline. You can usually do this quickly and easily on their website. Go to www.united.com , click on the Check-In tab and enter the following details to log into your account: Booking number/reference (listed on the plane ticket) and Last name.

– Review policies and check-in requirements

Be sure to carefully read all check-in policies regarding baggage allowance, seat assignments and/or seat requests in advance before submitting your documents for check-in.

– Print boarding pass and ticket itinerary

If everything checks out correctly as per United Airlines policy requirements, print out all necessary documents such as boarding pass – as well as an updated ticket itinerary receipt confirming all details of your purchase, including baggage tag numbers; if baggage drop (check-in) is required at these early stages at some airports or with other partner airlines, ensure that these documents are collected on the way home as proof of having checked baggage with that carrier if ever needed later on a future trip.

– Download the United Airlines mobile app for easy flight check-in

For this airline, there is also a mobile app that travelers can download to their smart device so they can access their trip information faster while on the go. This convenient service allows users to retrieve their boarding passes and save them to their smartphones. In this case, they no longer need to have them on paper.

Flying with United Airlines: Check-in time limit (Deadline)

– Check in online 24 hours before your flight

United Airlines allows you to check in online up to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time. It’s a great way to save time at the airport and avoid queues. You can also use the United app or airport kiosks if needed.

– Arrive at the airport 2 hours earlier for domestic flights and 3 hours earlier for international flights

Recommended arrival times for domestic flights are two hours before the scheduled departure time, while three hours are recommended for international flights. No matter how you plan to check in (whether online, through the app, or by going to a kiosk), arrive at the airport early enough to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Check-in at the airport

The final time to check in at a United Airlines counter depends on your destination:


Check-in Time (Before departure)







90 minutes

St. Thomas


Guam to Honolulu











75 minutes











Final time to report for boarding

Departure Airport

Domestic Flight

International Flight




15 minutes before






60 minutes before departure

Guam to Honolulu










30 minutes before departure


Check-in time limit on other flights


 Departure airport

Direct international flights (non-stop)

Domestic flights (with checked baggage) Domestic flights (without checked baggage)

Boarding time limit (before departure)


75 minutes


45 minutes


45 minutes

San Juan, PR


60 minutes

Kahului, Maui

Salt Lake City

30 minutes

Mammoth Lakes

45 minutes

30 minutes


 Baggage check-in at the airport

United Airlines’ checked baggage policy is an important part of traveling with United. Knowing what you can and cannot bring with you when checking in for a flight is key to ensuring you are allowed to take your items on the plane.

Before you leave home, make sure each bag meets the size and weight limits for your United Airlines allowance. Any checked baggage over 50 lbs (23 kg) or over 62 linear inches (158 cm) top to bottom, side to side and front to back may be subject to additional charges.

– Traveling with baggage that requires check-in can be complicated

Especially if you don’t know the proper check-in procedures. To ensure your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, it’s essential to understand what items are allowed and how to check. them in the system. Here are some tips for checking your bags at the airport:

– Gather the necessary documentation

Before going to Baggage Drop, make sure you have all the necessary documents at hand, such as your e-ticket and boarding pass. You may also need identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, in order to complete the process.

– Check size restrictions and tolerances

United Airlines has baggage size and weight allowance restrictions. Make sure your baggage meets these guidelines so that it is not subject to additional fees or charges when you reach the counter or self-service kiosk. Pay particular attention to special restrictions for domestic and international flights and any regional differences applicable in certain parts of the world, including items that are prohibited from being carried on aircraft.

– Familiarize yourself with baggage drop-off procedures

When you arrive at the airport, locate the site where passengers can drop off their baggage for inspection and collection by asking someone nearby who might be more familiar with these procedures. This is where you should give a detailed description of the current condition of your bag, such as any visible damage, so that it does not suffer further damage while in transit between airports or when sits in storage areas awaiting retrieval upon arrival at its final destination.

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