MileagePlus: Why enrolling in the Award/Premier Accelerator program is worth It?

United Airlines recently introduced the ability for frequent flyers to purchase miles to increase their mileage account. This is a great way to get more reward flights and perks, but it’s important to know the details before purchasing.

How does it work?

United Airlines’ “Buy Miles” program allows MileagePlus members to purchase miles in increments of 1,000, up to a total of 175,000 miles per calendar year. The cost of the mile varies depending on the number of miles purchased, with prices ranging from 3.76 cents to 3.08 cents per mile ($35 for a 1,000 mile block).

The value of purchasing miles depends on several factors, such as the cost of the flight you wish to redeem your miles for and the redemption rate of the rewards program. For example, a domestic flight on United Airlines can cost around 12,500 miles one way, which would be $469 if you bought it outright. If you buy 12,500 miles instead, it will cost you around $469, the same amount as the ticket! However, international flights and business class or first class tickets may offer greater value per mile.

It’s important to do your research and calculate if buying miles will save you money in the long run. If you plan to use your miles for flights with high redemption value, buying miles can be a great way to get to your destination faster.

Who should think about it?

Frequent flyers who are about to earn an award flight or upgrade may consider purchasing miles to reach their goal faster. It can also be useful for travelers who use a United Airlines credit card and want to maximize their reward points.

– How to buy Miles?

To do this, simply log in to your MileagePlus “Buy Miles” account. Select the number of miles you wish to purchase and complete the payment process.

Achieve Premier status faster through Premier Accelerator

Premier Accelerator℠ is a United Airlines program that helps customers achieve Premier® status faster. This status offers many advantages, including bonus miles, upgrades and access to exclusive lounges. To participate in this program, customers can purchase qualifying flights or choose to fly more segments than necessary to achieve Premier® status.

Buy or transfer Mileage Plus miles

If you’re used to traveling with United Airlines, you know the value and benefits of miles, which save you money on flights, upgrades and other travel-related expenses. But what if you don’t have enough miles? This is where buying, donating or transferring miles comes in handy.

Buy miles

Buying miles is the easiest and most direct way to earn more miles. United Airlines offers this option on their website and the process is usually quick and easy. When you buy miles, you have to pay a fee for every mile you buy, and the cost can add up quickly. However, this option can be an excellent choice if you need a small number of miles to obtain an award or an upgrade.

Give miles

It’s a great option for those looking to surprise a loved one or help them achieve their travel goals. United Airlines gives you the ability to transfer miles to another member’s account as a gift. The process is similar to buying miles, except you won’t use the miles yourself. You transfer them to someone else’s account, who can redeem them for trips or other rewards.

Transfer of miles

It’s also a useful option if you have miles on different accounts or want to consolidate your miles into one account. The national airline allows the transfer of miles between accounts, but this service is usually chargeable. Fees can vary, so it’s essential to check the terms and conditions before transferring your miles.

Practical information to remember

– Which flights can Award Accelerator and Premier Accelerator be used on?

These services are designed to help MileagePlus members earn more award miles and Premier Qualifying Miles (PQM) on their flights. They are available on most United-operated flights (even those booked with award tickets) and on most partner-operated flights.

– Award Accelerator and Premier Accelerator: What to Buy First?

If you are considering purchasing the Premier Accelerator, be sure to take note of the need to purchase the Price Accelerator first. If you do not purchase the initial offer, you will not be able to access the Rewards Accelerator purchase option. It is important to follow the required steps to ensure that you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Premier Accelerator.

– Buying Award Accelerator and Premier Accelerator while you have a Basic Economy class ticket?

Passengers who have booked their seats with the Basic Economy fare are only entitled to purchase an Award Accelerator.

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