TAG Airlines flight cancellation: Cases where it is possible to request a refund

TAG Airlines’ cancellation policy is detailed in its ticket conditions. It is important to note that all tickets issued by this airline are non-refundable. It is therefore imperative to read all associated ticketing conditions before booking a flight.

Cancellation of a TAG Airlines flight ticket reservation is generally possible and can be done in two ways:

– By contacting a TAG Airlines reservation agent

First, you can contact the company directly and let them know that you need to cancel your flight:

From Guatemala

  • Phone: (+502) 2380-9400
  • Email: atencionalcliente@tag.com.gt

From El Salvador

  • Phone: (+503) 77525604
  • Email: omar.belloso@tag.com.gt

From Cancun, Mexico

  • Phone: (+52) 55 95968465
  • Email: boletosmx@swgsa.com

– Online on Manage my Booking

Second, you may be able to cancel your reservation online. In this case, simply log in to your Manage Your Flight account, access your booking details and select “cancel”. It’s important to remember that any fees associated with the cancellation will still apply, so be sure to review them before requesting a cancellation.

According to the TAG Airlines cancellation policy, a $100 fee is applied for each cancellation made after departure time (but it is waived if you rebook 24 hours after the departure time of the originally booked flight).

Cancellation of reservation and full refund of the ticket: You must respect the 24 hour rule

It is possible to cancel a TAG Airlines reservation within 24 hours of purchase. The airline offers a policy that states customers can cancel and receive a full refund for their ticket within the first twenty-four hours of purchase. This refund can be obtained regardless of the type of fare or the reason for cancellation, at no additional cost. In order to obtain this refund, customers must contact Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos directly via its website or telephone number.

Are flights canceled by TAG Airlines refundable?

Regardless of the circumstances, passengers whose flights have been canceled by TAG Airlines are all eligible for a refund.

The airline TAG Airlines can offer its passengers a refund in two forms: In cash or a travel voucher that can be used during the twelve months following the cancellation of their flight.

The amount to be refunded is credited using the original payment method

If a TAG Airlines flight has been canceled and the customer refuses any alternative flight offer, the airline will issue a cash refund for any unused portion of the ticket. Depending on how it was purchased, the refund may be applied to the original credit card or sent by check.

The Central American carrier may offer alternative tickets to customers impacted by flight cancellations. Additionally, customers can claim compensation if they believe their rights as passengers have been violated due to the cancellation. Customers should always contact the Guatemalan airline directly to understand what options are available and how best to proceed to request a refund and/or compensation.

Flight canceled by TAG Airlines, what are the rights of passengers stuck at the airport?

When a flight is canceled by the air operator from Guatemala, passengers have the right to be rebooked or receive a full refund at their discretion. Additionally, TAG Airlines must cover certain cancellation-related costs such as meals, accommodation, and transportation to return you to your place of accommodation while you wait for your rescheduled flight.

What is the final deadline for filing a refund request with TAG Airlines?

The deadline for filing a refund request with TAG Airlines depends on the itinerary booked.

– Domestic flight

Typically, customers must file a refund request within six (6) months of the original date from the departure of their flight,

– International flight

Customers have up to 24 months (one year) after the flight to submit their refund request. Customers who need assistance requesting a refund should contact the Guatemala airline directly by phone or email.

How long does it take to process your refund request?

It usually takes 7-21 business days for TAG Airlines to process a refund request. Once your refund has been approved and processed, an agent from this company will contact you to ensure that the amount appears in your bank account or credit/debit card statement. If it has been longer than this time and your money has not yet been received, please contact your airline operator’s customer service immediately.

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