Take out insurance while traveling by air with Tag Airlines

It is a good solution for people who often travel abroad whether for tourism, leisure or business. Such insurance can also be used by people working abroad for a period of time.

When you decide to book and take a flight to travel to the other side of the world, you must always bear in mind that one or more unforeseen events may occur (illness, accident, etc.), this is why the subscription travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Buying an insurance policy is much more profitable than paying for doctor’s consultations, medications and other treatment costs when it suddenly becomes necessary (in the event of illness or injury, …). In addition, an insurance policy is often a mandatory document for obtaining a visa and legal stay in the territory of certain foreign countries.

Take out insurance to protect your luggage

Travel insurance can reimburse you for the value of your personal effects taken on the trip: in the event of theft, armed robbery, damage or destruction during the trip, loss or damage during a trip made by Tag Airlines plane.

Airplane is for the safest and fastest way to reach any destination in the world, but unfortunately the airline may cancel the flight suddenly due to different reasons. Also, when disembarking from the plane, one can be surprised that the luggage is not present in the carrouel at the airport or they have suffered significant damage during the journey, … such events can completely ruin your vacation carefully planned. That’s why it’s worth taking out travel insurance.

TAG Airlines offers you its TAGAssist by Addiuva travel insurance that will allow you to recover not only the costs incurred if your flight is delayed, canceled, or if your luggage is lost or damaged, but also additional compensation. The scope of travel insurance includes, among others:

Baggage protection: Both against loss during the journey (eg at the airport) and against theft at other stages of the journey,

Reimbursement (refund) of plane ticket reservation, hotel, car rental, … in the event of cancellation or postponement of the flight, as well as the purchase of basic necessities (eg food, water, etc.),

TagAssist + travel insurance also covers services related to your health

You benefit from additional medical insurance. As part of the travel policy, you receive reimbursement for medical expenses up to $5,000.

What does this travel insurance service cover?

Tag Assist + insurance covers the following benefits:

Service delivery

Fee limit

Hospital Stay


Loss of baggage

Provide care for passengers with pre-existing/chronic conditions


                           Dental Care                                

Medical coverage for pregnant women


Injuries during sporting activity

Medical assistance (Incident, illness, non-pre-existing illness, such as illness due to a pandemic, etc.)



Legal assistance due to a traffic accident

Transfer of funds for sureties


Hotel expenses for forced rest after hospitalization

Per day  120
Repatriation of the body (of a deceased person)


Ambulatory care/drugs

Sanitary transfers


Repatriation in case of health problem or death

Accompaniment of minors/adults


Assistance in the event of loss of travel documents

Transfer of passenger requiring hospitalization

TKT economy class

Early return due to a serious domestic accident

TKT economy class

In order to choose the insurance formula adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact a TagAssist + agent. Call:


Phone Number


El Salvador






You can subscribe to this travel insurance which covers all your travel needs can be taken even after your arrival at the destination (24 hours at the latest after the incident).

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