All the fares offered by TAG Airlines, their characteristics and the advantages granted to passengers

TAG Airlines offers three different fare options that travelers can choose from, Light, Flexi and Plus.

Light is TAG Airlines’ base fare, offering the lowest price for a seat on a flight. With this fare, travelers can fly from one destination to another with the bare minimum of services. This fare does not include checked baggage, seat selection or the ability to change or cancel the flight free of charge.

Light fare: Included service and features

If you choose the TAG Airlines Light fare, you should know that all its extra services are either unavailable or chargeable:

– 1 piece of hand luggage (in the cabin): Free

– Checked baggage: $20 on domestic flights and $30 on international flights

– Change of date or day of flight: $99 ($100 24 hours before departure)

– Seat selection: $5

– Passenger assistance (TAG Assist +): $10

– Online check-in: Included

Flexi fare: a dynamic and even more flexible rate

The Flexi fare offers travelers a bit more flexibility. With this fare, travelers can select their seat in advance, receive checked baggage allowance and change or cancel their flight for a fee. The Flexi fare is ideal for travelers who are unsure of their plans and want the flexibility to change their itinerary.

Flexi is TAG Airlines’ offering the most comfort and services. With this fare, travelers get a premium cabin experience, with bigger seats and more legroom, improved meal service, extra baggage allowance. The Felxi fare is perfect for travelers who want a more comfortable travel experience.

The services included in the price are:

– Hand and Checked Baggage: 1 Piece

– Online check-in: Free

Other services are inaccessible with this tariff only by paying a supplement, but the tariffs are cheaper compared to the Light fare

– Modification or change of date or destination: $49 ($100 if the change is requested 24 hours or less before the flight)

– Choice and selection of seat: $3

– TAG Assist+ service: $10

Plus Fare: Treat yourself without compromise

It is the airline’s premium fare option, providing travelers with the ultimate travel experience. With this fare, passengers can enjoy a range of premium benefits and services, making their flight comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free.

One of the main features of the Plus fare is the premium cabin experience. Passengers will have access to larger seats, providing a comfortable and spacious environment. In addition, passengers will enjoy a premium catering service, with a selection of delicious, high-quality food and beverages.

Another key feature of the Plus fare is lounge access. Passengers can relax in the TAG Airlines Lounge before their flight, where they can enjoy a quiet and comfortable VOP area to wait, with complimentary food and beverages available. This is particularly useful for travelers who wish to avoid the noisy and busy environment of the airport.

The Plus fare also offers additional baggage allowance, allowing passengers to take more of their personal effects with them on the flight. This is especially beneficial for travelers who are going on a longer trip or who need to bring extra items with them.

In addition to these advantages, this offers more flexibility and convenience. Passengers will have the option to change or cancel their flight free of charge service.

All the features of the Plus fare:

– Free hand luggage;

– Two bags to check in for free on local and international flights with TAG Airlines;

– Free modification: Change the departure date and destination free of charge;

– Free seat selection;

– Priority boarding.

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