Choosing and selecting seats on Sunwing Airlines flights: Are there any charges to pay?

If you have a flight soon with Sunwing Airlines, know that the Canadian airline offers an online choice and seat selection service.

The service is available to all passengers for a fee of $20 to $50 per trip.

Sunwing Airlines offers new preferred seats with more legroom or seats located at the front of the aircraft, …

For those who want more comfort and space, the Elite Plus or Exit Row seats can be a great option (providing between 6 and 10 inches of additional legroom). In addition, in addition to the additional comfort offered by these seats to passengers, they also benefit from additional advantages even before sitting down:

At the airport, passengers can check in and go through security without queuing. In addition, they benefit from a fast processing of their luggage knowing that they benefit from an improved allowance (23kg).

Discover the different seats available in the cabins of Sunwing Airlines aircraft

Elite Plus

– Seats located in the front

Fifteen chairs in total offering up to 35″ extra legroom. They are offered at $50 per connection (one way only)

– Seats placed in the exit rows

Twelve seats located in front of the main emergency exits or those above the wings of the aircraft with up to 39″ spacing. They can be reserved by paying a fee of $50 per trip.

– Regular seats (reclining)

These are the seats that allow passengers to feel comfortable by spreading or stretching their legs (taking advantage of 29″ of additional space). The cost: $20 per flight.

– Regular seats (not reclining)

There are 6 chairs in total providing 29″ leg room, located in the row in the middle and the row behind the unit. The cost: $20 each way.

– Regular seats (half-window)

These are the most expensive in this category (proposed at $50 per flight). They are located on the window side, with the most space plus the legs (35″).

Select your preferred seat: Online or by phone

Choose where you want to sit on your next flight with Sunwing Airlines by selecting your seat online or by calling reservations at 1.877.786-9464.

Airplane seat location: What is the best seat?

Indeed, the choice of the best plane seat can vary from one passenger to another. There are those who prefer to sit in the front rows to avoid engine noise, while others prefer the seats in the middle to feel less vibration and turbulence.

– Seats to be quiet and noise-free throughout the flight

For some travelers, running out of space on the plane is not too much of a problem. However, many prefer to opt for tranquility in order to enjoy a relaxing journey. In this case, some places are better, especially if you want to sleep a little.

Choosing a seat next to the window is essential to be quiet. This allows you to sleep during the trip without being disturbed by the passengers next to you, although it is really frustrating to have to get up frequently to let passengers go to the bathroom.

On the other hand, the place on the side of the window is an advantage for isolation. If you need to get some sleep on your plane trip, just lean your head against the window. This way, you won’t be disturbed by your neighbors.

To be quiet on board the plane, you should also favor the seats at the front of the aircraft. Aircraft engines are usually located behind you, so there is less noise. It is a small privilege not to be neglected to get away from the resonances of the device and rest. If you can afford it, opt for a business class, it’s peace of mind assured.

– Seats for family travel

Flying with children is not always easy, you have to meet their needs, entertain them and make sure to avoid the big fuss. If your children are too restless during the flight time, it can disturb and even annoy other passengers on the plane. This can make the situation more complicated if you have small children or a baby on board!

One of the best solutions is to reserve an entire row of seats. If you are flying with several children or another family member, this is the ideal option. However, this kind of reservation is paying so do not hesitate if you have the necessary budget.

Otherwise, you can always arrange with the other passengers. If they are understanding, they will agree to swap places to reunite the whole family. For families with two parents and two children, you can separate. The mother can be accompanied by a child, and the father by the second child, but the best thing is that everyone is together.

On the other hand, don’t worry, the flight attendants are very attentive if you are flying with a baby, they will help you if necessary. It starts with the delivery of a seat belt adapted to the baby, and access to a baby corner to change the diaper if necessary, or even prepare a bottle.

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