What is the baggage allowance policy and rule on Sunwing Airlines flights?

Carrying luggage on board a Sunwing Airlines aircraft? Canadian airline passengers are permitted to bring one personal item (such as a handbag, briefcase, laptop bag or small backpack). The weight of this item should be light (so that it can be easily placed in the cabin compartment), while its dimensions should not exceed 64cm (23x28x13) or 25″ (9x11x5).

Carry-on baggage is also permitted on Sunwing Airlines flights (packaga vacations) for a fee of $25 (per piece). The maximum weight is 5kg (11 Ib) and the dimensions not to be crossed are the following: 114cm (51x40x23) or 45″ (20x16x9).

Carriage of special baggage in the cabin

Sunwing Airlines recommends that its passengers pack their special baggage in the cabin such as Medicines, Travel documents or identity documents, Cash and credit cards, Keys, Electronic devices including smartphones, … By packing these items in the cabin, you can ensure that they are safe during your flight.

– Flying in her wedding dress? Sunwing Airlines makes an exception in order to help you travel with your party attire hassle-free. Your dress can be stored in a luggage compartment reserved especially for brides-to-be, while your photographer is entitled to a (free) baggage allowance of 10kg to transport their photography equipment.

How much checked baggage are you allowed on Sunwing Airlines flights?

In order to prepare your checked baggage according to Sunwing Airlines restrictions, and avoid paying penalties (surcharges), you need to know some important information:

Number of baggage

Maximum weight (not to be exceeded) Maximum dimensions Fees to be paid

Airport taxes

Up to three bags per passenger 50 Ib (23kg) 62 “ or 158cm $50 for the 1st bag, and $70 for the 2nd bag (no charge applied for the third piece).

$70 for the 1st piece of baggage, $90 for the 2nd piece of baggage, $120 for the registration of the third piece of baggage, and $115 in the event of transporting an additional piece of baggage.

It should be noted that only one piece of baggage is free in the hold for passages having booked a getaway with Sunwing Airlines. Other baggage transported in the hold is all chargeable.

What baggage allowance does Sunwing Airlines allow for infants?

– Travel without reservation

The Canadian airline allows babies (under 2 years old) to travel on their parents’ lap (without airfare) to travel with two items (such as a stroller/playpen or car seat) + a 5kg piece of luggage except if they take flights from or to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, in this case, they are entitled to carry the two items only.

– Travel with a plane ticket

For infants who have a seat reservation, they are entitled to one bag of 5kg (+ the two additional items) on all journeys.

Infants are also entitled to take a CARES on board and a CMVSS-approved car seat.

Medicines on the plane: What are the regulations of Sunwing Airlines?

It is possible to carry medicines or products for medical use in the necessary quantity in the cabin and in the hold.

For passengers who need to take their medication during the flight, they must provide a medical certificate attesting to the patient’s state of health.

For this category of travelers, it is essential to make an appointment with a Sunwing Airlines customer advisor (at least 72 hours in advance).

Phone: 1.877.786.9464

Email: specialservices@sunwing.ca

Rules for transporting liquids: In the cabin or in the hold

Liquid items including beauty products such as nail polish and nail polish remover are prohibited in the cabin. Hairspray and razors too. You won’t be able to take your one-litre bottle of cream either. Otherwise, other liquid products (except flammable products) must not exceed 100 ml. So this also applies to your favorite perfume or even your aerosol deodorant.

Items strictly prohibited in the cabin (in hand luggage)

So many other things are forbidden in your carry-on suitcase. The list is long and you need to know it in order to avoid having them confiscated when passing through the airport security gates.

Items such as nail clippers and scissors are prohibited in the cabin. If you go camping, be aware that stoves and gas bottles are also prohibited. It will be necessary to think of buying them on the spot. But if you absolutely want to take them with you, you will have to put your suitcase in the hold.

Here is the list of all items that cannot be stowed and placed in carry-on or checked baggage, according to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority ACSTA.

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