Sun Country Airlines offers online check-in service on all its flights

Check-in is a mandatory procedure for the use of your flight ticket booked with Sun Country Airlines. Thus, you must know all the details of this process in order to correctly check in on your next flight with the American airline and obtain your boarding pass.

Checking in online: Why?

For air travel, it is convenient to check in online, but do you really know why you are doing it? It not only saves you time, it lets you choose seats and secure your seat on the plane from the comfort of your own home, but most importantly, it lets you get your boarding pass before leaving for the airport.

This procedure can be done at the airport through a passenger handling agent, however many prefer to do it online to save time.

During the online check-in operation, you can choose your seat, add excess baggage, meal preference and requests for additional services, …

Online check-in for a flight offered by Sun Country means that this process is carried out via the internet, on its website or from its mobile application. Although it is no different from the normal check-in process, it is a convenience that will save you a lot of time, and get rid of the stress at the airport.

How to check in online? Here is the step by step procedure

Like every other airline, Sun Country has its rules and check-in times for the check-in procedures you must complete before boarding the aircraft. The safest form of check-in, which can be done from is online. In order to complete the check-in process, you must use your Name and Booking Reference.

To check in online, all you need is the booking code or flight number, departure time and airport, as well as your first and last name. The flight number or booking code should be in your email if you purchased the ticket online.

When online check-in is open for passengers, you can view your ticket with your ticket number and passenger name. You can choose a seat in the section where you view your ticket, choose what you want from the meal menus or specify your special requests. When you have successfully completed the procedures and arrived at the last part, you can print your mobile boarding pass and request your information by email.

Sun Country Airlines flight check-in time and deadline

For tickets you purchased from the United States air carrier, you can check in at the counter, at kiosks, or online.

The check-in process for domestic and international flights begins 24 hours before departure and ends 45 minutes before departure for a domestic flight, and one hour (60 minutes) before departure for an international flight.

All passengers must be on board the aircraft ten minutes before take-off.

Check-in from automatic kiosks at airports

Self-service terminals giving access to the check-in service on Sun Country flights are available at several airports served by the American airline, useful in particular when the check-in counters are busy and congested by speeding up flows and facilitating task to passengers arriving late at the airport.

If you prefer to check in at the airport, you can book the priority check-in service to avoid the annoying long queues.

Collect your boarding pass

You check-in operation has been completed? At this stage, the boarding pass is ready. You can choose to print separately, together or save it as a PDF to print later.

This card is a document that you must present several times at the airport, at baggage check-in counters, at security checks and at boarding gates to access the aircraft.

– Get mobile boarding pass

Thanks to the mobile boarding pass, if you have no other luggage than hand luggage, you can board the plane by going through security without queuing at the counter. If you wish, the airlines belowYou can view the check-in times and rules set for the check-in process.

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