Saver$ Club: The program to take advantage of exclusive discounts on Spirit Airlines flights

Joining and becoming a member of the Spirit Savers$ Club program (formerly called $9 Fare Club member) allows you to save money on all your purchases made with the American airline and its partners (Up to $160 per year). With exclusive offers, discounts and promotions, you can enjoy your favorite drinks at a lower cost. In addition, you will have access to special events and tastings reserved for club members.

The Spirit Savers$ Club also offers members the opportunity to save on their checked baggage fees when traveling with this airline. With discounts of up to 50% for the club member and eight other passengers of their choice.

Discount on the cost of checked baggage

You can travel with peace of mind knowing you won’t have to pay top dollar for your luggage. So join the club today and start saving on your next flight.

Reduced seat reservation fees

Being a member of the Spirit Saver$ Club program allows you to benefit from exclusive offers, discounts and promotions, you can enjoy all your favorite services with the low cost airline from the United States at a lower cost. In addition, you will have access to special events and tastings reserved for club members. And on all your trips with this operator, you can save on your seat selection and reservation costs.

À La Smarte options (Fast Track): Special reduced rates granted to Spirit Saver$ Club members

With Spirit Airlines’ Shortcut Security/Boarding service, travelers can now walk through the airport with ease. This service allows passengers to avoid long queues and get to their gate faster.

This service is available at many airports served by Spirit Airlines. It offers a variety of benefits such as priority access to security checks and immigration counters. Passengers can also enjoy exclusive lounge access and expedited boarding privileges.

The cost to be paid to take advantage of this solution, which offers maximum flexibility to travelers, varies from $20 to $50 per person for a single-entry pass. But being a Spirit Saver$ Club member saves you the cost of this convenient service that allows you to skip the line before other passengers.

Guaranteed discount for traveling couples

Special rates are offered by Spirit Airlines to traveling couples taking advantage of attractive discounts on all the services provided by the low cost airline (discount on the price of plane tickets, checked baggage, choice of seat, etc.)

You are a student? Subscribe quickly to Spirit Saver$ Club

Enjoy a special discount (up to 30%) on all your purchases and expenses at Spirit Airlines, all year round.

The Spirit Saver$ Club: Choose the subscription plan that suits you

The Spirit Saver$ Club is easy to use, which makes it an ideal way to save money on your expenses with this company and thus reduce the cost of your trip on board their aircraft.

Three different subscriptions are offered by Spirit Airlines to future subscribers to its Saver$ Club program:

– 12 month subscription = $69.95

– 18 month subscription = $99.90 (save $5)

– 24 month subscription = $129.90 (save $10)

Become a member of the Spirit Saver$ Club program: Register online

From any connected device (computer, smartphone, etc.), select your subscription plan then proceed to the step of joining this program by completing a simple form on which the following fields appear:

– First Name;

– Last Name;

– Date of Birth;

– Country of Residence;

– E-mail;

– Password (twice).

In the lower part of the form, add your payment data:

– Card Number;

– Name on Card;

– Expiry date;

– Security Code;

– Billing Address & City;

– Select your state or Identify your country if you live in another country (from the drop-down list);

– Add postal/zip code;

– Check the box corresponding to the following sentence: I have read and accept the general conditions of the Saver$ Club;

– Click on Sign UP Now.

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