Points Pooling: Combine your miles with those of eight other travelers and gain access to exclusive privileges

If you’re a Spirit Airlines frequent flyer and are already a member of its Free Spirit loyalty and rewards program, you might want to consider taking advantage of its points pooling program. It’s a great way to earn and redeem points with your friends and family (up to 8 members).

How does it work?

Point pooling is easy to set up and manage. A group member creates the account and invites up to seven other members to join. Once everyone has joined, all points can be consolidated into one account. Members can then book flights using the combined points or miles.

How to sign-in and log-in to your account?

Simply log in to your account and select the “points pooling” option from the menu. Follow the instructions to set up your account and invite family and friends to join.

– How many points can be pooled?

Up to eight people can join a points pooling account, and there is no limit to the number of points that can be pooled. So it’s a great way to accumulate enough points for a larger trip or to maximize your points for a smaller trip.

– How to use the points of the reserve?

When booking a flight using the points pool account, members can select the “use points” option at checkout. They can then choose the number of points they wish to use to pay for their flight.

Members using this option can earn and redeem points together, making it easier to plan and book trips with family and friends. It also allows for greater flexibility in the use of points, as members can combine their points to cover the cost of a flight.

Become a pool pilot

Spirit Airlines has introduced a new term called “Pool Pilot” to refer to the person who opens the points pool account. The pool pilot can invite up to 8 friends or family members to contribute to the pool. It can also decide how much each member contributes and when the rewards will be redeemed.

A pool pilot must have Silver or Gold status in the low cost airline loyalty program or must be in possession of a Free Spirit credit card.

Once you have joined the points pooling program, you can check your points balance at any time. Simply log in to your Spirit Airlines account and click on the “My Account” tab. From here, you can view your rewards point balance, as well as the point balance of your point pool group.

Track your progress towards an award ticket

To do this, you can use the points redemption table which shows you the number of reward points you are missing to have a one-way or round-trip award ticket, depending on your destination and the time of year.

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