Management of your Spirit Airlines booking flight: Modification or change of ticket

Unforeseen events can force passengers to change their plans and unfortunately very often to cancel or modify a trip with a booked flight. The modifications can be the most varied, from changing the name to changing the itinerary, passing through the variation of the dates of travel.

Several passengers have a reservation with Spirit Airlines but due to an unforeseeable cause, instead of canceling their trip, they can delay the date until everything returns to normal.

Change your departure date: How much does this service cost?

The airline allows you to change your ticket at any time by paying a slight difference in price, although almost always choosing a lower fare the difference is not refunded.

US airline passengers who want to modify or change the date of their flight can do so free of charge from sixty days or more before the original departure date.

Spirit Airlines introduces the possibility of modifying the reservation in its different fare categories for a fee

Flight date

Fees payable

Six days or less before the flight


From fifty nine (59) to seven (7) days before departure

More than sixty days before departure


Changing a flight reservation: When is it free?

If you have a confirmed reservation with Spirit Airlines, you have up to 24 hours after your purchase to modify your plane ticket free of charge before departure.

Buy a flexible ticket

If you are unsure of the date of reservation and prefer to be free to change the departure or return date of your flight with Spirit Airlines without incurring a penalty, the United States airline advises you to purchase a ticket with a flexible price (Flight Flex). In this case, the change of date can take place without any cost.

So for those who want maximum flexibility in managing their travel itinerary, Spirit Airlines offers them the Flex fare, which allows free rebooking and ticket return, up to 24 hours before departure. A ticket purchased directly from the carrier or through an agent can be changed as many times as you wish using the Manage My Booking option on the official website

By confirming that your plane ticket can be changed, you can log in to your passenger account. In the My Trip section, enter your last name and your booking reference then click on continue to access your Spirit Airlines flight reservations. Select the reservation you wish to modify and then confirm the changes made to your flight.

Correct name on flight booking

Booking a plane ticket online is convenient, of course. But also very risky if, due to haste or distraction, the passenger does not enter his name correctly in the booking form. Indeed, sometimes not even the name but the simple “Sir” instead of “Madame”, that is to say to register a gentleman as a lady or vice versa. A bad identity, even for a simple oversight, for a typo, can cost you dearly.

If you have a reservation with Spirit Airlines, then know that this airline authorizes you to correct errors and spelling mistakes made while you were filling out the reservation form for your plane ticket. Minor corrections are free while the entire change of surname or first name is chargeable and requires supporting documents including: Marriage license, Court order, Divorce decree or legal name change document.

Spirit Airlines may be asked if you change your other personal information (gender, date of birth, …).

Note: It is important to note that changes to the passenger’s personal details are not permitted online, you must seek assistance from one of the Spirit Airlines reservation agents, who can be contacted by phone at 1-855 -728-3555.

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