The baggage allowance applied on Spirit Airlines flights: Number, weight and dimensions, transport costs

Spirit Airlines is an American low-cost airline known for its affordable fares. However, to keep costs low, it has strict baggage policies in place.

Hand Luggage: Weight and size limit for baggage carried in the cabin

Passengers are allowed to bring one piece of baggage and one personal item on board free of charge, but any additional items must be checked in or incur an additional charge.

It is important to note that Spirit Airlines has a strict carry-on baggage policy, and any carry-on baggage that exceeds the permitted size and weight limits will be checked in and incur additional charges. To avoid additional charges, passengers are advised to carefully measure and weigh their luggage before going to the airport.

Maximum size or dimensions (including handles and wheels): 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm).

For carry-on baggage, Spirit Airlines also allows one personal item which must fit under the seat in front of you and may be a handbag, briefcase, laptop bag or similar item. The maximum dimensions for a personal item are 18 x 14 x 8 inches (48 x 35 x 20cm).

A fee is charged for one of the two pieces of baggage allowed in the cabin (the smallest and lightest).

Spirit Airlines also offers the option to purchase the “Big Front Seat” which provides passengers with additional legroom and early boarding privileges. The cost of this upgrade also includes one free carry-on bag.

Policy and Rules for carriage of Checked Baggage on Spirit Airlines aircraft (Weight limits and maximum dimensions)

Checked baggage must not exceed 62 linear inches (length + width + height) and must not weigh more than 40 pounds.

– This service is chargeable on all low cost airline flights

Passengers must pay additional fees for checked baggage, with the price increasing as the number of pieces increases.

Special restrictions are applied by Spirit Airlines on some routes:


Period Restrictions and fees

Lima (Peru)

On flights operated between

December 1 and January 10

A fee is charged for items weighing 41 ib (18kg) or more.

Dimensions of overweight items are limited to 80 inches (203 cm), except for sports equipment (these are not accepted on flights scheduled between December 1 and January 10).


Baggage measuring 63 inches (158cm) or more is subject to excess baggage charges

Colombia (El Edén Airport, Barranquilla-Ernesto Cortissoz, Palonegro, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón, Rafael Núñez and Medellin Airport)

Guayaquil Airport (Ecuador)

Carry additional items (for first-board passengers only)

What is the baggage allowance for serving military members flying Spirit Airlines?

Active military personnel flying Spirit Airlines are permitted to carry more baggage than other passengers. It is Spirit Airlines policy that each passenger is entitled to one personal item and one free carry-on bag.

As for checked baggage, the American low cost provides them with a free allowance of two checked bags.

While serving military members are not eligible for special baggage allowances, they may bring certain items as part of their service uniform or gear for free.

To benefit from this service, these passengers must present their military cards when checking in their baggage at the airport.

Use the online baggage calculator and find out the costs associated with transporting it

The Baggage Calculator is a useful tool for travelers traveling with Spirit Airlines as it helps them estimate the costs associated with carrying their baggage. Using the calculator, passengers can determine the total baggage fees they can expect to pay before arriving at the airport, helping them plan and budget accordingly.

Knowing baggage fees in advance also helps passengers avoid any surprises or unexpected costs when they arrive at the airport. This can be especially important for travelers on a tight budget or those trying to cut travel costs.

Additionally, the Baggage Calculator provides a clear and accurate estimate of baggage costs, allowing travelers to make informed decisions about the amount and type of baggage they plan to pack. This can help them avoid additional fees that may be charged for oversized or overweight parts.

Here’s how to use this tool to calculate your deductible and the fees to be paid before you board:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines website: Go to this homepage and click on the “Bags” section.
  • Then determine if it is a new flight or an existing reservation
  • Enter your trip details: enter your departure and arrival airports, the number of bags, and the dimensions and weight of each bag.
  • Calculate Baggage Fees: Once you’ve entered all of your information, click the “Calculate” button to get an estimate of the baggage fees for your trip.
  • Review the results: the calculator will display the total baggage charges for your trip, including carry-on, checked, and additional baggage charges.

Spirit Airlines excess baggage policy

For Spirit Airlines customers, they are allowed to check in heavier or larger baggage. They are entitled to transport parts with a maximum weight of 100 pounds (45 kg) and a maximum size of 80 Linear (203cm) by adding the three dimensions.

This service entails a fee to be paid before boarding by purchasing a supplement online or at the airport.

Excess baggage prices on Spirit Airlines flights range from $69 to $150 (per piece).

– Transport costs for sports equipment in the hold

It is also possible to transport sports equipment on the plane such as a bicycle or a Surf Board, golf club or Skis/Snowboards by paying an additional $75 or $100 at check-in.

When should you arrive at the airport to check in your luggage?

It is best to arrive at the baggage checkpoint at least two hours before the flight, as failure to respect the time limit may deprive you of your rights to board your baggage.

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