Spirit Airlines: Online flight and baggage check-in service

The online check-in service and solution that Spirit Airlines offers its passengers is definitely worth it for time-conscious travellers. It has become the standard way to check in for millions of passengers traveling with this airline due to its convenience, as well as easy access to boarding passes and seat assignments without queuing.

Plus, online check-in saves a lot of time before and during the travel process, so it’s the perfect solution for someone who prefers a hassle-free experience. With just a few clicks of a button, you’ll be ready to get your boarding pass, even before you leave for the airport.

Select your site and check-in online at Spirit.com

If you want to check in the flight you have booked with Spirit Airlines, you need to go to their website and click on the ‘check in’ option. Enter your booking information in the required fields and you should be able to view and print your boarding pass afterwards. The website will also provide you with additional options such as selecting seats or adding travel insurance.

Complete your check-in via the Spirit Airlines mobile app

To check in for your Spirit Airlines flight via its mobile app, first download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded it, open it and log in with your account credentials. You will be asked to enter your booking reference or ticket number. After that, tap “Check-in” and you can choose a seat and print your boarding pass directly on the app. The Spirit Airlines mobile app also gives you access to useful information such as flight status, arrival and departure time changes, delays, gate numbers, special offers and more.

Important Note:

For all passengers preparing to travel on an international airline serviced by Spirit Airlines, and who wish to check in online for their flight, they must first enter their passport data and information, before any purchase operation. excess baggage, seat selection or check-in validation and boarding pass printing.

Time offered to complete check-in on a Spirit Airlines flight: Deadline

Be sure to carefully read all information provided by your airline regarding check-in times when booking a flight.

You can check in online for domestic and international flights 24 hours before departure. The service closes 60 minutes (1 hour) before the flight departure time.

Passengers not entitled to the Spirit Airlines web check-in service

Customers requiring special services such as wheelchair assistance and unaccompanied minors are not eligible for Spirit Airlines’ online check-in service, nor are customers connecting between flights (with multiple airline operators ), those carrying infants or pets, passengers traveling with military ID and customers with group reservations cannot use the online check-in service. These passengers must self-check in at the airport customer service counter for the mandatory check-in procedures.

Self-service Spirit Airlines flight check-in

It is beneficial to use the self-service kiosks at the airport to check in. Automated kiosks help streamline airport check-in procedures and reduce wait times for customers. Additionally, these kiosks are generally easy to use and can be configured quickly with custom settings that help travelers save time. There are also interactive touch screens on the kiosks that provide additional information on flight times and other key details, saving travelers the trouble of manually searching for this information. Additionally, these kiosks are often faster than traditional manual airport check-ins because they promote automated processes and reduce human error that leads to longer wait times or missed or delayed flights.

Self-service check-in for Spirit Airlines flights is done via the website or mobile app. On the touchscreen computer, you must enter their confirmation code or scan your flight ticket to retrieve the necessary booking information. Once the details are provided, you can choose your seat and proceed to pay for any additional charges, such as baggage and priority boarding. You can also select special meals or buy excess baggage, … Once the process is complete, you can start printing your boarding pass.

Checking in at the airport is not free: Here are the fees to be paid

Charges are applied by Spirit Airlines for checking in your flight at the airport, set at $25.

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