The Big Front Seats: A type of high-end seat offered by Spirit Airlines

The airline, known for its very low cost travel, has introduced BIG FRONT SEAT or Seat Bid (Vector Light and Vector Premium) in its cabins. Manufactured by HAECO Cabin Solutions, these seats feature a wider design, additional padding and new features aimed at providing passengers with a more comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

Travelers on these airline flights can now sit back and relax in style as they take off to their next destination.

The BIG FRONT SEAT is a premium seat option offered by Spirit Airlines. This seat is larger and offers more leg room (36″) than regular economy seats and is located in the front of the cabin. Its width is 18.5″.

Passengers who purchase the BIG FRONT SEAT are guaranteed more space and comfort during their flight, making it a popular option for those looking to enhance their travel experience. The cost of this seat is usually higher than that of a standard seat and is subject to availability.

It is possible to book these seats via Spirit Airlines’ “Manage My Booking” option. This feature allows passengers to modify their existing flight booking and upgrade their seat to the Big Front Seats. The cost of this upgrade will depend on the specific flight and the availability of these seats.

How much does it cost to reserve a Big Front seat?

In order to be able to travel in a Big Front seat on a flight operated by Spirit Airlines, you must first pay a fee of $261 before your check-in is validated on the flight.

Travel in style and comfort

Are you looking for a comfortable and spacious seat for your next flight? Look no further than Spirit Airlines’ BIG FRONT SEAT. This premium option is the perfect way to enhance your travel experience.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, the BIG FRONT SEAT is the ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort and space on board. And with the ability to purchase and reserve that seat during or after a reservation, you can be sure to get the seat you want, subject to availability.

So why wait? Book this service and experience the ultimate in comfort and style on your next Spirit Airlines flight. Visit to make your reservation today.

It is important to remember that this site is not intended for passengers requiring a seat belt extension to secure the transport of their oversized items.

Rows of seats

The BIG FRONT SEATs are located in the following rows:

  • 1, 4, 5 (D,E,F) in A319
  • 1, 3, 12, 13 in A320
  • 1, 3 in A321

Features of the BIG FRONT seat

This seat not only features a half-inch increase in width, but also an innovative curved back design, unlocking an additional two inches of knee space over traditional flat-back seats.

The creative seat design provides more room without sacrificing aisle space for easier boarding and alighting.

Additionally, the mid-airline seats remain one inch wider than the aisle and window seats, ensuring a comfortable flight experience for all passengers. The extra space provided by the Big Front Seat goes beyond the industry standard metric, which only measures flat-back seats, and demonstrates Spirit’s commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable flight experience.

Seat for lovers of comfort

Design changes also include almost an inch more pre-tilt, making it easier to relax during flight. In addition, the shelves have been moved to be within easy reach and the seat back has been widened for additional comfort.

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