Passengers with reduced mobility on Spirit Airlines flights: Check in your wheelchairs before boarding

For those traveling with a wheelchair, Spirit Airlines requires it to be checked into the hold. This is due to safety regulations, as well as cabin space restrictions. Other mobility devices, such as canes and collapsible walkers, can stay in the cabin with you. If you have any questions or concerns about checking a wheelchair onto your flight, please contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service for assistance.

Mobility aid and wheelchairs at the airport

Traveling with Spirit Airlines as a passenger with reduced mobility (requiring a wheelchair) is not complicated. Before your flight, you must contact their customer service (48 hours or more before departure) to request a wheelchair and arrange assistance at the gate. Also, if you are traveling on a compound flight, be sure to specify that the wheelchair will need to catch the next connecting flight.

You have the choice of contacting a Spirit Airlines call center agent at 855-728-3555, and providing them with all the necessary information about your case and the wheelchair that suits you for boarding and getting into the cabin, or add this online assistance, from your account on My Trips.

Upon arrival at the airport, you must proceed to your Spirit Airlines counter or desk to report your assistance needs, and you get the help you need within 20 minutes.

Arrive early at the airport

Just to make sure that everything goes well and that its staff will have enough time to provide you with the best possible assistance before your boarding and during your flight, Spirit Airlines asks you to arrive at the airport two hours (2h) at least if you are traveling on a domestic flight, and three hours (3 hours) before departure if you are taking an international flight.

– Spirit Airlines is ready to provide assistance even inside its terminal

Spirit Airlines is committed to providing the best assistance to passengers with disabilities, even inside its terminal.

Passengers requiring curbside assistance can simply approach the terminal counter. Spirit’s commitment to providing responsive assistance ensures customers can easily get the help and assistance they might need on their journey in and out of the airport.

The assistance provided by Spirit Airlines to passengers with reduced mobility includes:

– Assistance with check-in and boarding pass printing;

– Baggage check-in and security check;

– Access to restrooms and restaurants;

– Assistance with boarding and disembarking the plane;

– Baggage recovery on arrival of the flight + accompaniment and assistance until boarding the next flight (in the event of a flight with a stopover).

Traveling with an electric wheelchair on a Spirit Airlines flight?

Although electric wheelchairs do not seem dangerous, some of them have electric batteries that can explode. It’s unlikely, but safety considerations are of course paramount. An electric heater must meet the following requirements to be considered safe:

– Appropriate expiry date

– The battery must be properly attached to the stroller, or easily detached if necessary. In addition, it cannot exceed 300 Wh. Therefore, if your stroller has two batteries, each of them must not exceed the power of 160 Wh.l electric on the plane

  • Other things to keep in mind:

– Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to take one 300 Wh battery or two 160 Wh batteries.

– Batteries removed from the wheelchair must be securely packed and carried in hand (cabin) baggage

– Other stroller fittings, such as wheels, must be properly secured in accordance with the relevant carrier’s regulations.

– Passengers requiring medical attention should report this by completing the appropriate medical form. If you do not need medical attention, all you have to do is tell the airline where you are departing from, where you are landing and what your destination is.

– A special code on your ticket should expedite service by informing the flight crew that you are a wheelchair user.

– You have the option of checking in using the airline’s trolley.

– If needed, you have the right to use a wheelchair in the passenger cabin.

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