Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card: Get the most out of your business expenses

The Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card is designed for business owners looking to maximize their travel rewards. This card offers a wide variety of benefits that allow cardholders to collect Rapid Rewards points faster and easier than ever before.

4X: The card offers 4 points/$ for spending on Southwest Airlines, which means business owners earn points twice as fast as Rapid Rewards® Plus card customers.

2X: In addition, the card also offers 2 points for every dollar spent on social media and search engine advertising, …as well as 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere.

Up to 80,000 bonus miles: You get a welcome bonus of eighty thousand points after spending $5,000 within the first three months from your official account opening date.

Receive 9000 miles on the anniversary of your account: This premium alone can be worth hundreds of dollars in travel rewards, making the $199 annual fee worth it for frequent fliers.

Right to priority boarding (4 times a year): Arguably one of the most attractive benefits of the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card is the four upgraded boardings it offers per year. When possible, cardholders can receive an A1-A15 boarding position for the sole cost of the upgraded boarding fee, which is typically $30-50 per flight.

Avoid long queues and red tape: Order your card online

Earn qualification points with no level threshold

Earn 1,500 qualifying points toward A-List status for every $10,000 spent with the card. This is a significant benefit for business owners who spend money on business and travel frequently.

Reward yourself for your miles transfer transactions

When you transfer your rewards points to a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards partner, you will receive a $500 credit for the fees associated with the transaction.

A $100 credit for using Global Entry, TSA PreCheck® or NEXUS: Pay the Global Entry, TSA PreCheck® or NEXUS service usage fee with your eligible credit card. Once the charge appears on your statement, the credit card company will automatically issue a statement credit refund of up to $100 (every four years), which will effectively cover the entire application fee for that service.

Free wifi during the flight

With up to 365 credits per year, you can stay connected on every flight you take with Southwest.

Expenses at no additional cost (anywhere in the world)

When you travel to an outside destination with a traditional credit card, you are often faced with foreign transaction fees. These fees can add up quickly and be a significant sum for small business owners. With the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card, you don’t have to worry about these additional fees. You can simply use your credit card without having to worry about transaction fees.

Turn employee spending into points

In addition to being able to earn points on your own purchases, you can also earn points on purchases made by your employees. This can be a big advantage if you have a team that does a lot of business-related purchases. Points earned can then be used to offset the cost of future business travel.

Seat selection with miles

Use your points for any available seat on any flight, making it super easy to book travel on your terms.

Travel with checked baggage for $0

Check up to two bags for free on each flight. This is a significant advantage if you travel often with heavy bags or equipment.

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