Southwest Airlines: Register for the Rapid Rewards Visa Credit Card

To get the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card, you must first create an account on the Southwest website. Then, find the offer in the Credit Cards section and click on the one that best suits your needs.

To register, simply visit the Rapid Rewards Priority Card website. On this site, you can complete an online application form. After submitting the necessary information (First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Address Type, City & State, …) a credit check will be performed and your card will be sent to your registered address within 3-5 business days. Once you have received your card, you can log into the same account after activating it.

Before using it, be sure to activate it by calling customer service or logging into your online account. You can then start earning points every time you use it, which can be redeemed for rewards and perks like free flights and hotel stays.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card: How to Take Advantage of Its Benefits?

With the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card, you can earn double points for every dollar spent on Southwest Airlines tickets, and even receive a bonus on your first purchase. You can also earn extra points when you use your card at restaurants, car rental companies and participating retailers (malls and online stores). Plus, you get access to exclusive offers and discounts from other partners.

Your cardholder loyalty status allows you to benefit from priority boarding and special offers on your various journeys with Southwest Airlines. With this credit card in hand, travelers can enjoy hassle-free flight booking and special rewards opportunities.

Benefit from a travel credit and have access to other privileges

With the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card, you have access to:

$75 in travel credit each year

– Companion pass for one person of your choice, tax-free and free of charge, allowing you and your companion to travel together on every paid flight or point redemption you take.

– 4 improved boarding passes so you can board earlier than everyone else, and have access to the seat and baggage compartment that suits you.

– Birthday present: Receive 7500 points after the 1st birthday

– Receive points for all your expenses with the card:

  • Three (3) points per dollar for purchases made with Southwest Airlines such as booking flights and purchasing gift cards
  • Earn two (2) points/dollar for each hotel reservation or car rental, reservation of train tickets, buses, taxis, tolls, car parks, carpooling, groceries, insurance, internet and phone service, ..
  • Earn 1 point/$ for other expenses

Invite your friends and colleagues to use the Visa Rapid Rewards Priority credit card and get an exclusive reward

Each person requesting this card through you (via this link) earns you 100,000 bonus points during a calendar year.

Manage your Rapid Rewards points and rewards online

See the table of benefits you have access to through the Visa Rapid Rewards Priority credit card, including the points you earn after each purchase.

Calculate your approximate Rapid Rewards miles online

To use the online mile calculator to find out how many Rapid Rewards points you earn with your Priority credit card, you must first navigate to the credit card provider’s official website. Next, look for the tab that says “Calculate your Rapid Rewards Points earning potential”. There, select “Calculate Miles” and enter a number between $1 and $99.999. Once you have done this, it will display the number of Rapid Rewards points you will earn with your priority credit card based on these criteria.

The Visa Priority credit card helps you achieve A-List status faster

All you need to do is accumulate 1500 TQP (level qualification points) and you can do it by spending $10,000 per year with your credit card.

It is also possible to obtain A-List status by accumulating 35,000 level qualification points or making 25 reservations (one-way flight) during twelve months. By granting yourself this status, you benefit from:

– Priority during check-in and boarding

– 25% Rapid Rewards points

– Permanent customer service via a dedicated telephone line

Get protection insurance

The Visa Priority credit card offers protection insurance. covers up to 250,000$ (Visa Platinum) and $500,000 (Visa Signature) for any loss resulting from fraudulent purchases or unauthorized use of your card. It also provides coverage for accidental damage or theft of items purchased with the card. In addition, it covers trip cancellations and trips interrupted due to illness or natural disaster.

Fees to be paid to maintain the Visa Rapid Rewards Priority credit card

The annual fees to be paid to continue to use this credit card and have access to its various advantages and rewards are set at $149.

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