Request and get an upgrade to Southwest Airlines Business Select

Southwest Airlines Business Select is a premium travel option for those who want to travel in style and comfort. With perks like priority boarding, bonus Rapid Rewards points and free premium meals, it’s no wonder many travelers choose this option. Did you know that you can request an upgrade to Business Select online? Here’s how:

– Book your flight

Before you can upgrade, you must book your flight. You can do this either on the Southwest website or through their mobile app. During the booking process, you will have the option to choose your fare type. Select the Business Select option to ensure you are eligible for the upgrade.

– Login to your account

Once you have booked your flight, you must log in to your account by entering:

  • Booking confirmation number
  • Name
  • First name

Click on the “Upgrade” button and follow the instructions to complete the application procedure. Remember that upgrades are subject to availability, so it’s best to apply as soon as possible.

– Priority boarding A1 – A15

By purchasing this fare, you can board the plane before general boarding. Specifically, you can board between groups A1 and A15. This means that you can choose the best seats and the space in the upper compartments of the plane before the others.

Force your chances of getting an upgrade on a Southwest Airlines flight

Having the chance to upgrade to Southwest Airlines Business Select is an unforgettable experience. This offer is generally reserved for the most frequent passengers or those who have purchased a ticket at the best price. If you’re looking for tips to improve your chances of getting outclassed, here are some tips:

– Get a loyalty card

The first step to getting an upgrade is to become a regular Southwest Airlines customer. Get a loyalty card and use it every time you travel. By accumulating points, you increase your chances of being upgraded, because the American low-cost airline favors the most loyal customers.

– Travel midweek

Avoid traveling during weekends and holidays, as flights are often full or overloaded. On the other hand, travel mid-week, especially Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Flights are often less crowded and it is more likely that there will be seats available in Business Select.

– Dress professionally

Traveling in Business Select is an opportunity to feel like a VIP. It is therefore important to dress professionally and elegantly. Opt for an outfit that flatters you and makes you feel confident and comfortable. When you’re well dressed, Southwest Airlines flight crew are more likely to notice you and offer you an upgrade.

– Take care of your attitude

Passengers who are polite and friendly are often more likely to be upgraded. Avoid behaviors that might annoy flight crew or other passengers, such as speaking loudly or being rude.

Cancel your upgrade and request a refund?

Southwest Airlines is known for its innovative policies and practices, such as the popular “Upgraded Boarding” service. This service allows passengers to purchase a boarding position before the flight, giving them a better chance of choosing the seat of their choice. However, many passengers wonder if the upgrade boarding fee is refundable in the event of a change or cancellation.

The answer is simple: no, upgraded boarding fees are non-refundable if the passenger modifies or cancels their reservation before departure unless the flight is canceled by the airline.

Other advantages

In addition to priority boarding, the Business Select fare offers other benefits worth considering. These include:

– Additional Rapid Rewards points: You earn up to 12 points per dollar spent on this rate, compared to 6 to 10 points for other rates.

– Full Refund: The Business Select fare is fully refundable, unlike other fares which are subject to restrictions.

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