Canceling a Flight Booking: Submitting a Refund Request to Silver Airways

If your flight with Silver Airways does not take place as planned (cumulates a delay of several hours or it does not take off), you will surely think of canceling your reservation and refunding the cost of your plane ticket.

Your Silver Airways flight has been cancelled: How will you know?

There are several ways to hear the bad news that your flight has been cancelled.

– By email

Silver Airways informs its customers that their flight will not take off by sending them an email (specifying the reasons and the causes justifying its decision).

Request a refund from Silver Airways? It’s easier than you think

To obtain a refund following the cancellation of your flight, simply keep the ticket or your reservation number if you purchased your seat online. You also need your boarding pass to prove that you were present at the airport on the day of departure.

To get your money back, you will need to submit a claim to the airline by completing this form within two to three weeks of your flight being cancelled.

Steps to request a refund from the US Airline

– Go to and click on Manage my Trips

– In this step, you will need to enter your login details (PNR Booking Reference + Last Name).

– Then click on your reservation to view it and cancel it in one click

Without queues, phone calls and bad mood, at the end of the procedure, you send your request to Silver Airways and then the reservation amount will be credited directly to the bank account you indicated (after 21 days).

What to do if your return flight is cancelled?

Several passengers prepare to take a flight with Silver Airways to return to their countries, before receiving the bad news, their flight is canceled.

In this difficult situation, if the airline will not be able to place you on an alternative flight, you have the right to seek and take another flight with an airline. But first, Silver Airways must refund the ticket to you and pay the difference in price between your original ticket and your new booking.

If during your prolonged wait at the airport, you incur additional costs (accommodation, meals, etc.), you will also be entitled to request reimbursement from your air carrier, but before doing so, remember to keep all the invoices.

What to do if you have an accommodation reservation (hotel) or vehicle rental?

If you have booked a hotel, an apartment, a car or any other service on your own at your destination, unfortunately, there is no regulation providing for reimbursement for the services already paid for.

Forced to cancel your trip at the last minute?

This can happen to anyone, because of a passport problem, a supervening incident at the last minute, … the passenger risks not showing up for boarding at the scheduled time, and thus misses his flight.

Right to reimbursement? Quite simply, the passenger cannot be reimbursed for his ticket if he misses the flight by his fault unless the price of his reservation includes a reimbursement option.

At best, the airline Silver Airways can offer you an alternative, for a fee and the difference in price of the new ticket.

Submit your refund request to Silver Airways Customer Service

From ticket refunds to voucher deliveries, find out what Silver Airways has to offer if you ever have to cancel your flight for any reason (unrelated to your airline).

The airline invites you to call (+1.801.401.9100) its after-sales service for any additional information on this subject.

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