Silver Airways: Correction or change of name on a flight ticket reservation

Mistakes are common when it comes to booking a flight, and one of them is misspelling a minor detail such as a passenger’s name. Fortunately, Silver Airways recently announced a policy change that allows minor name errors to be corrected free of charge.

Silver Airways’ new policy provides relief to passengers who misspelled a name or used an incorrect name initial when booking a flight. Prior to this policy change, passengers had to pay onerous name change fees, which frustrated many and deterred them from traveling with the airline.

The policy applies to all Silver Airways flights, including those booked through the company’s website, mobile app or third party travel agencies. Correction of minor name errors can be made up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, and passengers can make the change by contacting the Silver Airways customer service team directly, which can be reached at 1-866 -939-0429.

This solution is particularly useful for passengers who did not notice the error until the day of their flight. Previously, these travelers had to either cancel their flight or pay the name change fee, which was both inconvenient and expensive.

Meet at the airport

If you still cannot fix the error yourself, it is better to go to the airport. Not only will the airport staff be able to help you, but they can also provide you with all the necessary documents to prove your identity during the check-in procedure. Prepare an ID and a copy of your ticket confirmation.

Plan extra time

Correcting a name can take time, so it is important to arrive at the airport early. Don’t risk missing your flight because you didn’t allow enough time to correct the error.

Mistakes happen and it’s important to stay calm throughout the process. Airline staff are there to help, so please be patient and cooperative as they guide you through correcting your name.

It is possible to make a correction online

Customers can easily change their name on a Silver Airways ticket by accessing their reservation on the airline’s website. Once logged in, passengers should select the change bookingoption and follow the instructions to make the necessary correction. This option is only available for name corrections of three characters or less. Any other name change must be made by directly contacting a customer relations assistant from the American company.

Legal name change: Marriage, Divorce, ect

Passengers who have recently changed their personal circumstances can now simply provide proof of their legal name change, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree, and Silver Airways will update their name on their ticket at no additional cost.

This is an important step for this airline towards greater flexibility for its passengers and a hassle-free travel experience. Passengers will no longer be stranded at the airport or forced to purchase additional tickets due to a change in their personal circumstances.

Name change and correction fees may apply

If you need to change or correct the name on your ticket, you will be charged a $50 fee.

It is important to note that name changes are not permitted under certain circumstances, including when the ticket was purchased as part of a group or is a non-changeable ticket.

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