Manage flight booking at Silver Airways: Change policy and fees

Want to book a flight with Silver Airways? Then this guide will guide you about the Manage Booking feature available on their official website. The following steps will help you access and modify your existing ticket flight and seat reservation at any time.

– Access the Silver Airways website or its mobile application

The first step is to visit the official website of that airline. Here you can explore ticket offers, check flight schedules and make reservations. And once that is done, you can access reservations through the link by logging in with your online account credentials.

It should be noted that this procedure can be performed from the Silver Airways mobile application.

– Sign into your account

On the login page, enter the following details: Last name + Confirmation Code (PNR). After successfully logging in, you will be able to see all your previous and upcoming bookings in your personal travel profile.

– Make the necessary changes to your reservation

Then select the flight you want to edit or change. On this page you will find options such as View My Itinerary and Make Changes, which allow flexible management of existing reservations. Depending on the changes to be made (change of date, itinerary, passenger name, departure airport, etc.), additional processing fees may apply.

– Change your flight schedule

Once an itinerary has been selected for edits, feel free to edit details such as origin airport, destination airport, departure/arrival times, etc. In some cases it may be possible to upgrade tickets between flights and exchange tickets for same day return flights too!

– Confirm the changes and revalidate the reservation

After making the changes you want, simply select Confirm when the prompt screen appears so they are ready to process the payment transaction securely using a credit or debit card associated with your details profile of their user quickly and securely.

Booking modification fees: Free of charge for the first 24 hours

Have you ever wanted to make changes or even cancel a reservation made with Silver Airways but hesitated because of service charges? Well, here’s great news for customers of this airline, no service charge is required if they make changes within 24 hours of booking.

This new policy makes it easier for travelers to change their flights with Silver Airlines or rectify their reservation data (correction of name, change of departure date, …) without any worries.

This policy can provide great relief to passengers wishing to change their original reservations. This applies to both domestic flights within the United States and those traveling overseas.

This regulation also helps customers who are often unaware at the time of booking of the specific plans they may have when traveling due to many factors such as weather, delays and other contingencies that may arise during the journey.

This policy also helps customers plan ahead with added flexibility while making mistakes easier and less expensive to correct without incurring penalties or fees.

For passengers to take advantage of this policy, all changes must be made no later than 24 hours after booking with Silver Airways. This includes changes to times, dates, destinations, flight numbers, …

It also applies if you request a ticket refund

You have the right to cancel your reservation with SA free of charge within this period, and request a refund. However, this operation may incur administrative costs.

Next time you book your flight with Silver Airways, don’t worry about resetting your plans – because now you can be assured that you have up to twenty four hours after booking before you have to pay an additional fee for any changes you bring it.

Change and modification fees are applied by Silver Airways outside this period

Travel plans can suddenly change. Many travelers face a difficult choice whether to postpone their trip or change their reservations after discovering that some of their flight data is incorrect.

Silver Airways has its own policy and rules regarding fees and charges associated with changing flights or bookings, which vary depending on the fare chosen:

– Refundable fare: With this fare, there is no charge for a change of flight or reservation.

– Freedom Fare: This fare also does not include change fees.

– Escape Fare: For those choosing this fare option, it will cost $50 per changed domestic flight segment, while on international routes the change incurs a $100 fee per flight segment.

This amount will be charged in addition to any fare difference from the original booking based on current availability at the time of enquiry. Additionally, all changes must be made prior to the departure date (or the day before) to avoid additional same-day change fees which may apply separately.

– Flight ticket cancellation fees

In the event that the passenger decides to cancel his reservation with Silver Airways, he must pay the same fees indicated above if his fare is Freedom or Escape Fare.

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