Baggage missing at the airport or lost: Here’s how to file a claim with Silver Airways

Lost luggage at the airport is everyone’s worst nightmare. Not only do travelers worry that their bags won’t arrive on time, but also that someone took them by mistake or maliciously. It can be incredibly inconvenient, time consuming and expensive depending on what was in the suitcase. Fortunately, most airports and airlines like Silver Airways now have protocols in place to effectively handle lost baggage, but this often involves paperwork and bridging communication along supply chains until for the baggage to be found.

What to do if your suitcases do not appear on the carousel at the airport?

When such a situation occurs, it can affect not only the comfort of the trip, but also spoil it more effectively.

– You must immediately report the problem to Silver Airways

So what do you do when your travel companions’ suitcases have already disappeared from the baggage carousel, and yours is still missing? Quite simply: you must act now. If on your arrival you do not notice your luggage on the conveyor belt, the suitcase is damaged or arrives late, you must immediately report this fact and draw up a complaint report. You will receive an official confirmation from the PIR – Property Irregularity Report with a given reference number. Keep this document until the end of the complaint file.

Lost or damaged baggage, before leaving the restricted area, must be reported to the baggage claim office located at each airport. This office or counter may be known by different names, such as Lost and Found or Baggage Claim. After accepting the complaint, the office employee will provide you with the PIR report. It should be retained for claim purposes.

If the luggage has been damaged, it is also worth taking care of the documentary evidence of the damaged luggage in the form of photos or video. However, it is still optional.

Complaint filing with Silver Airways

Once you have made a property incompatibility report at the airport, you must file a claim directly with your Silver Airways airline. The complaint must be sent in writing, either by:

Via the complaint form: Click Here

Your complaint must be accompanied by:

– Flight details (flight date, reservation number, flight number),

– Your request, i.e. the amount and the form of compensation chosen

– A copy of the PIR report

– A copy of the baggage check

– Bank details (surname and first name of the bank account holder, account number).

Damaged baggage: Deadline for filing a claim with Silver Airways

In the event of damaged luggage, the consumer has 7 days to file a complaint. After this period, the airline has the right to reject the complaint. However, if the passenger completes the formalities on time, he can claim compensation from the airline for damage to checked baggage.

– How much to claim from Silver Airways: The maximum amount of compensation

According to the civil aviation authorities in the United States, passengers whose luggage is lost or damaged can claim compensation from their airline company of $3,800 for domestic flights and a maximum of $1,800 for international flights.

The carrier must also reimburse the fees paid for checking the baggage.

This amount is the upper limit of liability, it is not a lump sum for the injured party. The amount of compensation may be higher if, at the time of baggage check-in, the passenger has submitted a special declaration of interest in delivery to the airline and has paid the corresponding fees, if any . The carrier is then liable up to the declared amount. The compensation is intended to cover the losses suffered by the passenger. In practice, this means that an invoice or expert opinion for the damaged suitcase must be given to the carrier.

Delayed Baggage Delivery: What are passenger rights?

The right to lodge a complaint also applies in the event of delay in the delivery of his luggage.

The passenger may demand reimbursement of basic necessities purchased while waiting for baggage, provided that they keep all invoices for the items purchased. He must also keep the PIR report – without it the reimbursement will not be possible.

In the event of a complaint for delayed delivery of baggage, in addition to information such as: flight details, description of the complaint, copy of the PIR report, copy of the baggage receipt, bank details, you must also attach a copies of receipts for basic necessities purchased while waiting for your baggage to be collected.

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