Checked baggage service on Silver Airways flights

The size and weight limit for checked baggage carried in Silver Airways holds are concepts that a traveler should be familiar with.

The transport of checked baggage on flights of the low cost airline Silver Airways is not free. First of all, you should know that this operator allows each of its travelers to check in two bags in the hold by paying fees which are not fixed but which are determined according to the itinerary:

Flights (Routes)

Fees to be paid (1st bag) Fees to be paid (2nd baggage)

Fees to be paid (3nd baggage)

All domestic flights (connecting two airports in the United States) and scheduled connections departing from Sainte-Croix and Saint-Thomas, except the following routes:

–  Fort Lauderdale to Key West and Orlando

– Tampa to Pensacola and Key West

–          Orlando to Pensacola




















100$ (For all routes)









All flights serving the Bahamas departing from the United States + flights serving the Caribbean except routes connecting:

–          Fort Lauderdale to Freeport, Marsh Harbor and North Eleuthera

–          San Juan to Santiago, Saint Kitts and Dominica

This rate does not also apply on flights departing from Sainte-Croix and Saint-Thomas



–          Fort Lauderdale to Key West and Orlando

–          Tampa to Pensacola and Key West

–          Orlando to Pensacola



Flights connecting Lauderdale with Freeport, Marsh Harbor and North Eleuthera  



All flights between San Juan and Santiago / St. Kitts / Dominica


Important Note: An additional $5 fee is applied to your checked baggage purchases made at airports

This fee does not apply to US military members who are on active duty. They are allowed two checked bags with measurements of 62 inches and a weight of 70 pounds.

Additional fees of $5 are applied to your checked baggage purchases made at airports

It is possible to carry a third piece of baggage in the hold by paying a fee of $100.

For passengers traveling with three bags in the hold, the costs of transporting their first two bags can be paid online, while the costs for transporting the third or fourth bag, … must be paid at the airport.

If you ever cancel your reservation, you should know that these fees are non-refundable

Transport of sports articles and equipment in the hold

Traveling with sports equipment by plane? Silver Airways considers them as checked baggage. You must therefore pay the necessary fees applied by the airline before boarding.

Checked baggage: Weight and size limit

Baggage is permitted in the hold provided it does not exceed the following weight and size limits:

– Weight: 50 Pounds (23kg)

– Height: 62 Inches (157cm)

Any extra will be charged by Silver Airways.

Why you should travel with checked baggage

– More space: Up to twice as much space for things as in a hand luggage;

– Convenience: During transfers during the flight, the return of checked baggage to the hold exempts you from the obligation to carry a heavy suitcase with you;

– You can take things there that we will not take in hand luggage – a knife, drinks or various types of souvenirs brought back from vacation.

What kind of items to (and not to) carry in checked baggage?

When choosing to travel by air with Silver Airways, you must carefully analyze the regulations regarding hand and checked baggage. Most of the time, what you cannot take on the plane can be put in checked baggage. This is the case for tools, certain types of electrical appliances or tourist equipment (Nordic walking sticks, skateboards, fishing rods, penknives, etc.).

– Baggage prohibited in the hold

Aside from size and weight regulations, there are certain items that are strictly prohibited in checked baggage, such as flammable, chemical and toxic substances. You cannot bring: gas cylinders, gas torches, charcoal lighters, lighters, fuel, flares, firecrackers, radioactive materials, certain batteries.

On the other hand, objects and accessories such as nail scissors or razors with an unsecured blade, as well as other sharp objects, must be included in checked baggage. However, it is often the person carrying out airport screening who ultimately decides what can be taken as hand luggage, but it is not worth taking the risk and packing unnecessary things in a bag for the hold.

Food and drink in checked baggage?

In each piece of baggage checked in and carried in the hold of a Silver Airways aircraft, liquids – cosmetics, medicines and beverages – can be carried. The amount of liquids carried in checked baggage is not defined by any guidelines, so you should pack anything that cannot be carried in hand baggage.

– Regulations on the transport of liquids

What you can take in the cabin must not exceed the capacity of 1 litre, it must be packaged in individual 100 ml bottles and then in a plastic bag. Thus, you can take in your hand luggage gels, aerosols, toothpaste, drinks necessary for the duration of the trip. The rest of liquid products must be placed in checked baggage, and their quantity is determined by regulations.

Carrying food in checked baggage is also subject to certain regulations. It is possible to take sweets, cakes, hard cheeses or jarred products with you. However, before packing food products in a suitcase, one should follow the regulations on what can be brought into a given country.

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