Baggage check according to Silver Airways allowance and policy: Are there any fees to pay?

When traveling with checked baggage on Silver Airways flights, the first step is to decide what and how much you should bring as there are weight and size limits. You must therefore try to respect the limits of your allowance, the aim of which is to avoid being sanctioned by your air operator at the airport who will charge you a fee for each additional pound/inch.

How is baggage check-in at the airport?

Once at the airport, you must present your baggage at the Silver Airways check-in counter (before the end of the check-in deadline at.

– Maximum weight and height: 50 Pounds (23kg) / 62 inches (157cm)

Is there a charge for carrying checked baggage on Silver Airways flights?

Effectively, there are charges for carrying checked baggage on Silver Airways flights. Fees depend on the route. For domestic flights, the first checked bag costs a minimum of $30, while the transport of the second bag costs $40.

Fees according to flight itinerary

1st baggage check-in fee 2nd baggage check-in fee

All domestic flights in the United States and flights departing from Sainte-Croix and Saint-Thomas.

Domestic flights that are not considered by these rules:

·         Ft. Lauderdale – Key West

·         Ft. Lauderdale – Orlando

·         Orlando – Pensacola

·         Tampa-Pensacola

·         Tampa-Key West





All flights between the United States and the Bahamas, and routes serving the Caribbean.

The following charges do not apply on the following routes:

·         Ft. Lauderdale-Freeport

·         Ft. Lauderdale-Marsh Harbor

·         Ft. Lauderdale – North Eleuthera

·         San Juan-Santiago

·         San Juan – St. Kitts

·         San Juan – Dominica

·         Flight from Sainte-Croix and Saint-Thomas





Fees charged on these routes:

·         Ft. Lauderdale-Key West

·         Ft. Lauderdale-Orlando

·         Orlando – Pensacola

·         Tampa-Pensacola

·         Tampa-Key West



Costs to be paid for transporting your baggage if you fly on the following routes:

·         Ft. Lauderdale-Freeport

·         Ft. Lauderdale-Marsh Harbor

·         Ft. Lauderdale – North Eleuthera



Fees applied to travel between:

·         San Juan-Santiago

·         San Juan – St. Kitts

·         San Juan – Dominica



Note: $5 is added to the rates listed in the table above if you prefer to pay your checked baggage fees from the Silver Airways check-in desk at the airport.

Check in additional baggage                                                                 

It is important to note that it is possible to check in a third bag by paying the $100 fee.

Fees varying between $50 and $100 are applied for the transportation of additional baggage.

What items are prohibited in checked baggage on Silver Airways flights?

There are a variety of items that are not permitted in checked baggage for safety and security reasons. These items include weapons, flammable materials such as paint thinner and fireworks, hazardous materials such as acids and liquid nitrogen.

Electronic devices are allowed in checked baggage with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which is strictly prohibited in your luggage.

Other items/products not permitted on checked and hand luggage on Silver Airways flights:

– Explosives or fireworks

– Tasers

– Radioactive material

– Highly flammable items

– Balance Gliders and Hoverboards with lithium-ion batteries

– Helium tanks

– Corrosive or oxidizing materials

– Paint

– Poisons

– Torch lighters

– Liquid nitrogen

– Small oxygen generators

– Flammable liquids

– Personal Air Purifiers (Battery Operated)

 Packing efficiently before flying with Silver Airways

Planning what to pack for air travel can be tricky, as there are usually restrictions on the size and weight of your suitcase. To maximize space and minimize hassle, plan what you need to bring in advance. Stick to essentials like clothes, electronics, toiletries, phones, and chargers. Pack heavier items at the bottom of the bag and lighter items at the top. Also, make sure all of your liquid toiletries are stored in sealed containers that meet TSA guidelines. Finally, if possible, roll clothes instead of folding them to reduce unnecessary creases and gain extra space.

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