Managing Porter Airlines flight reservations online: Change and cancel

It’s generally a good idea to change a Porter Airlines flight ticket reservation online. This saves time, money and effort that would have been spent traveling to the nearest airline agency or office, dealing with customer service and waiting in long lines waiting. Also, changing flight details online may be easier than dealing with customer service representatives.

Porter Airlines’ Manage My Booking service allows passengers to easily manage their flight reservations online (Manage Booking) or through the Canadian airline’s mobile app. Customers can choose to change their flight dates, upgrade their seats, purchase additional services such as meals and baggage allowance, and change their choice of hotels or rental cars.

The convenient service offered by this airline operator saves customers time by allowing them to quickly change their ticket details 24/7 without having to contact customer service each time.

Porter Airlines reservation already validated: What kind of data can be changed online?

At Porter Airlines, changes that may be eligible for online processing are:

– Change of travel dates (outward/return)

– Change of departure airport or destination airport

– Modification or change of seat choice

– Modification of choice of additional services: Additional luggage, meals, …

Does Porter Airlines charge for handling flight ticket reservations?

Porter Airlines is waiving rebooking fees for customers to make flight changes more affordable and convenient. This helps customers avoid additional costs associated with changing their flights. Customers have the option to adjust flight times, dates and destinations free of charge, up to 24 hours before their flight departure time.

Passengers canceling their plane ticket within this period can obtain a credit (travel von), which they can use to travel during the twelve months following the date of cancellation of their reservation.

– What are the fees applied for reservations modified outside this period?

The fees Porter Airlines charges for changing and modifying flights online vary depending on factors such as the type of ticket purchased, flight class, date of travel and destination. Generally speaking, this airline charges fees ranging from $50 to $150 for changes and modifications of flights.

The fees applied change depending on the booking rate:

Porter Classic
Basic Standard Flexible Freedom
Flight modification (Up to 24 hours before departure / less than 24 hours after booking)

Free of charge

Get refund for ticket canceled up to 60 minutes (1 hour) before flight  




Not Possible


Travel voucher (Credit) Choose between a travel credit or cash refund
Up to 45 days before departure Between 100$ and 150$ $0: on flights served from or to an airport in Europe


$50: On scheduled routes to/from Canada and the United States

Less than 45 days before departure Between 25$ and 150$ Free
Modifying/cancelling a flight ticket booked with VIPorter points 50$ 25$ Free
Change/modification on flight day (same day) 150$

$0: on scheduled flights from or to a destination in Europe

$75: On flights from or to Canada or the United States

Change or modification made to the reservation on the day of departure on flights between Toronto and Newark/New York, or on routes Toronto – Montreal or Toronto – Ottawa 100$ 75$
Change of day of flight on routes between Toronto and Newark – New York Free
Changing a flight reservation on the day of departure for routes connecting Toronto to Montreal and Ottawa (vice-versa) Not Possible Free
Porter Reserve
Navigate Ultimate
Reservation changed/cancelled 45 days or less before flight Free
Change/cancellation of tickets booked with VIPorter points
Modification (change or cancellation) on the day of departure (same day)
Changing a reservation on various routes

Changing/cancelling a flight ticket booked with a travel agency?

If the Porter Airlines plane ticket is booked through a travel agency, you must therefore turn to it to request the modification or change of the reservation.

Charges associated with changing group bookings

Passengers traveling in a group must pay a fee each time they change their flight, the fees applied are calculated according to their itinerary.

Changing or modifying a group booking is not possible online. The request must be submitted online, at this address: An answer will be brought to them quickly containing all the options available for the modification of their flights.

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