How to travel with your toddler (Infant) on a JetBlue flight

At JetBlue, three-day-old babies have the opportunity to travel on their parents’ laps. The American airline allows your baby to travel without reservation (without plane ticket) until the day he blows out his second candle, knowing that a passport, birth certificate or even a vaccination record may be required on the day departure to confirm his age.

Are there any fees to pay?

No fee is charged for children’s travel on domestic flights. On the other hand, JetBlue may charge you a fee if you take international flights (depending on the destination).

If you take a domestic flight within the United States, JetBlue grants you a $25 credit offered by the Travel Bank, regardless of your flight fare: Blue, Blue Extra and Mint including Even seats More Space.

No charge or applied by JetBlue for the transportation (without reservation) of your children on domestic flights.

Children taking JetBlue flights without a reservation, while their parents have reservations with the Blue Basic fare, are not entitled to carry-on baggage unless they are active military personnel, or have reserved Event More Space seats.

On the other hand, all these passengers are entitled to cabin baggage whose weight and dimensions are adapted to fit under the seat in front.

For those who wish to carry hand luggage (in the cabin compartment) for their children, they must choose the Blue, Blue Plus or Blue Extra fare.

A changing bag can be taken for your child in the cabin regardless of your booking rate.

As for the transport of car seat and stroller. These are not permitted in the cabin, but only in the hold.

Moms can take breast pumps free of charge out of their hand luggage.

If you plan to take a JetBlue flight with your child and you need to use a restraint system during the trip, then you are obliged to book a wide seat. Find out which are the narrowest and widest seats available in the cabins of JetBlue aircraft:


Narrow seat Wide seat

A321 Neuf



A321 Even More Space 17.30″


A321 Core

16.30″ 18.00″
A321neo Even More Space 17.50″


A31neo Core

16.55″ 18.36″
A321 Long Range 16.55″


A320 Even More Space

17.50″ 18.65″
A320 Core 16.30″



17.80″ 18.90″
E190 18.00″


Entertainment during the flight: Entertainment programs are available to your children

Kids enjoy non-stop entertainment in JetBlue cabins with a selection of movies, TV shows and video games. The airline offers a variety of entertainment options for children aged 2 to 12. JetBlue has partnered with Disney to provide classic movies like “The Lion King” and “Frozen” as well as other popular titles like “Moana”, “Coco” and “Inside Out”. Kids can also watch episodes of their favorite TV shows, including Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins. In addition to movies and TV shows. Interactive games are also available, which are sure to entertain your children during the flight.

Flying with a child? Here’s what you need to bring in the cabin

Lists of what can and cannot be taken with you on a plane are most worrying, whether you are traveling alone or with a child. When traveling by air with a baby, remember that airlines including JetBlue do not treat formula milk the same as any other drink, which means you can take more than 100ml (1.1 litre) of milk on board. The same applies to food for babies up to two years of age, which is not subject to the regulations applicable to adults. Before departure, it is worth checking whether there is a designated place to change babies on board. A changing table will be a much more convenient place to change a diaper than a stroller or toilet.

Packing all the necessary clothes for children in your hand luggage is a big challenge. It’s very convenient to travel with a child in summer, when clothes are thinner and take up less space than thick sweaters and sweatshirts, although it is of course worth taking a set with you warmer clothes.

When completing children’s summer clothes , you can not forget about blouses, shorts, bloomers and a hat. The best way to save space in your suitcase is to dress your baby inside out at least until boarding. Depending on the direction of travel, the temperature difference can be very large and the prevailing conditions can be extremely different. It is worth putting a warm blanket in the stroller.

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