Find out how to access Mosaic status and enjoy hundreds of perks

Looking for a travel program that offers unique experiences and exclusive benefits? Look no further than the TrueBlue Mosaic program. This loyalty program is designed for travelers who value flexibility, personalization and premium travel experiences.

Offered by JetBlue Airways and offers exclusive frequent flyer benefits and rewards. The program is designed to reward the most loyal customers with benefits and enhancements that make traveling even more enjoyable.

The Points Guy

One of the most notable benefits and perks of the TrueBlue Mosaic is the ability to earn bonus points on every flight. Plus, members earn three bonus points for every dollar spent on JetBlue flights, and an additional three points for every dollar on JetBlue’s popular Mint service.

Mosaic members also receive waived change and cancellation fees, an offer not generally available to other members. This means that if your plans change or if you wish to cancel your flight reservation even 24 hours before departure, you can rebook or cancel without having to pay any additional costs, without even paying any difference in the fare.

Mosaic Signature: Take advantage of a good package of privileges

– Priority boarding

Is one of the most valuable benefits of the TrueBlue program. Members are among the first to board the plane, allowing them plenty of time to pack their bags and settle into their seats before the rest of the passengers board. This means you don’t have to rush to the gate, or line up behind other passengers waiting to board.

– 2 bags free of charge

When you book a flight as a Mosaic member, you and your travel companions (up to three people on the same booking) will each receive two free checked bags. This benefit applies to both domestic and international flights, allowing you to pack everything you need without worrying about baggage fees.

– Travel on spacious and comfortable seats

Seats with up to 15cm of extra legroom are available to you when booking your flight. These are ideal chairs for tall people or those who simply want more room to stretch out during their flight. The seat with extra legroom also offers wider spacing, allowing for more comfortable seating and easier access to the aisle.

– Accelerated check-in procedure

This means you have access to priority check-in lines, expedited boarding, and even dedicated customer service lines. These benefits can significantly improve your travel experience and make things smoother and more efficient, especially if you are traveling with children or with pets.

– Priority access to airport security

With Mosaic status, members enjoy priority access to airport security queues. This means you can skip the usual queues and head straight to the front. This can save you time and hassle, especially during peak periods when airport queues can be particularly long.

– Permanent support

TrueBlue Mosaic’s team of experts are available 24/7 to answer customer questions. They can answer all questions, whether general or more complex, such as technical assistance.

– Traveling in the Mint cabin

You are offered up to four travel certificates to upgrade to the Mint Suite at no additional cost. This luxurious cabin is JetBlue’s version of first class – a fully flat bed with a massage function, adjustable firmness and a privacy door. The Mint Suite also includes a 15-inch flat-screen TV, in-flight entertainment, unlimited snacks, …

– Helicopter transfer to BLADE airport

This allows travelers to avoid the traffic and congestion of New York streets, and arrive at the airport in a fraction of the time it would take to take ground transportation.

– FoundersCard Blue Membership

Membership of TrueBlue Mosaic: FoundersCard Blue offers a series of privileges to make your life easier during your professional trip. Members have access to a concierge service for personalized travel assistance and a dedicated member services team for any questions or concerns.

– Travel with your pet at no additional cost

This applies to both national and international flights. The animal can be a small dog or a cat, …

– Take advantage of the $99 credit on your account statement

You must have one of the JetBlue credit cards for this.

Become a Mosaic Member

We’ll discuss the steps you need to take to become a Mosaic member and enjoy the benefits of the program:

– Fly more with JetBlue

To become a Mosaic TrueBlue member, the first step is to fly more frequently with the American company.

– Earning TrueBlue Points

By making flight reservations and using the JetBlue credit card to make purchases with its partners, or booking hotels or rental cars through JetBlue. Earning more points will bring you closer to Mosaic membership, as points are used to determine eligibility.

– Levels: The Mosaic program is made up of 4 statuses

Each $100 earns you 1 tile:

  • Mosaic 1 = 50 tiles
  • Mosaic 2 = 100 tiles
  • Mosaic 3 = 150 tiles
  • Mosaic 4 = 250 tiles

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