Manage your JetBlue flight reservation: Modify or change your ticket

The JetBlue Airways Manage My Booking service allows customers to make changes to their flight itineraries, including changing the flight date, correcting the name on the booking, etc.

– Change of flight date

If you need to change your itinerary date, this convenient online solution provided by the US airline makes it easy. Simply log in to your JetBlue account and select the “Change Flight” option. From here you can select the flight you want to change and choose a new date from the available options. If the new date introduced has a higher rate, you will have to pay the difference. Otherwise, the air carrier will not reimburse you for the difference.

– Name change and correction

Sometimes mistakes happen and you may need to make a correction to the name on your booking. JetBlue invites you to log in to your My Trips account and correct the error in one click.

It is important to note that there may be a fee associated with a name change or correction, depending on the type of ticket you have and how close to the travel date the change is made. Additionally, if you need to change the name of a non-refundable ticket, the fare difference may also apply.

Additional Features

In addition to changing the flight date and correcting names, passengers on this airline can also:

-View and print routes;

-Add luggage (extra) or seats;

-Upgrade to another fare class;

-Cancel a flight and request a refund (if eligible).

How do I access my My Trips account to manage my JetBlue booking?

Manage My Booking is a service offered by JetBlue Airways that allows customers to make changes to their flight ticket reservations by correcting, replacing or changing data such as departure date, departure airport, destination, or even personal details including correction of surname/first name, date of birth, … this service is designed to make the process of modifying a flight or modifying personal information if necessary, as simple and practical.

The service can be accessed through JetBlue’s My Trip website or mobile app, and customers can log into their account by entering the following details into their required fields:

– Surname;

– Confirmation code (booking reference).

JetBlue charges a fee for changing or modifying flight dates or times

$100 for passengers who have chosen the Blue Basic fare to travel to a destination in North America, Central America or the Caribbean.

The amount is $200 for flights booked on other routes and connections.

It is important to note that reservations made with the Cash + Points (TrueBlue) option cannot be modified.

Missing your JetBlue flight: Quickly find an alternative flight

This airline offers you an alternative transfer solution to your destination on the same day for a fee of $75.

Correct his date of birth?

Such an error cannot be corrected online, but over the phone or via the chat service by contacting a JetBlue advisor.

It should be noted that only partial changes of dates of birth are allowed.

Update your name on a JetBlue reservation

A name entered in a flight reservation must correspond 100% to that which appears in an identity document or a passport. If necessary, this airline allows its customers to modify their data free of charge.

If this concerns a reservation of a flight that is part of a vacation package, the customer must contact the JetBlue Vacations department, which can be reached at the number: 1-844-JB-VACAY (528-2229).

The service is chargeable (up to $50) if the modification is made by a third-party travel agent.

Add a new person (adult, child/baby) to their already validated JetBlue reservation

Adding an adult to their plane ticket is not possible. On the other hand, it is possible to add a baby or a child whose age is between 2 and 13 years old, but this operation cannot be carried out online.

– Remove a person from their reservation

In this case, it is possible that you intervene without the help of customer service from your My Trips account.

Change a non-refundable rate to a refundable rate?

JetBlue authorizes you to do this even at the last moment before departure by paying the difference in the fare. This change can be made online except if it concerns the transfer of a basic fare. In this case, you are supposed to call your carrier’s customer service for assistance.

Change a reservation of a flight ticket purchased from a partner airline

In this case, you must contact your air operator to request the modification or change of the details of your ticket.

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