Unaccompanied Minor on Hawaiian Airlines Flights: An Informative Guide

Hundreds of minors travel alone every year on Hawaiian Airlines planes. The option of air travel without a tutor with this airline is very safe and easy to request

The US air carrier can provide escort service at the request of their parents.

Children from 5 years old to 11 years old are allowed to use the Hawaiian Airlines escort service.

Passengers under the age of eighteen can also use this service knowing that it is optional for them.

Ticket reservation in the name of your child traveling alone on board

You can book the ticket online at Hawaiianairlines.com at least 24 hours in advance.

But in practice, the reservation must be made several weeks before departure to guarantee the availability of the service.

How are unaccompanied minors checked in on Hawaiian flights?

For young travelers preparing to take the Hawaiian Airlines flight without a companion, they must be accompanied by their parents (guardians) on the day of the flight to complete their check-in procedure from the Check-in counters or counters at the airport.

The boarding pass can only be obtained at the airport check-in counters, not via web check-in.

Cost of transport and care of unaccompanied minors

The Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) procedure, that is to say a child traveling alone without an adult guardian, requires the prior agreement of the airline company Hawaiian Airlines; a $35 fee is applied on domestic flights (in Hawaii), and a $100 tax on external flights.

Filling out a form at the airport

In addition, an HA O20 form must be completed at check-in, containing all the necessary information about the passenger, his flight, his parents and the guardian who will pick him up at the destination airport.

On the day of departure, your child must have a bag with him containing:

– His plane ticket

– Form HA O20

– Parental travel authorization

– Documents or identity papers (Passport/ID)

– Visa if necessary

– his vaccination record (depending on the country of destination)

Documents required and required on the day of departure

To authorize the travel of unaccompanied minors on board Hawaiian Airlines aircraft, the following documents will be required:

– On international flights: As a general rule, all minors must carry a valid passport, at least six months before it expires.

– On domestic flights: Minors must only bring their identity documents.

The person accompanying the child at the airport on the day of departure must accompany the child to the boarding gate.

Under no circumstances may the person picking up the child at destination be another person than that indicated in the documentation provided.

Minors will be accompanied at all times and once on the plane, the cabin crew will look after them, help them place their luggage and inform them of anything they need.

UM service generally operates from all airports served by Hawaiian Airlines, regardless of date or time of flight.

Your child is taken care of by the airline’s staff from the time of boarding, throughout the flight, any connections and until hand-delivery to the person named, after verification of the latter’s identity. .

Initially, all children traveling alone are collected and boarded first.

On board, your child benefits from the attention of the on-board staff as well as snacks or meals and entertainment adapted to their age.

Other restrictions and exceptions are enforced by Hawaiian Airlines

Unaccompanied minors are not eligible to board Hawaiian flights scheduled in the evening (between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.) unless the flight is scheduled from Honolulu airport.

Hawaiian Airlines refuses to transport minor passengers traveling without an accompanying person on its flights including a stopover, in particular if this flight is the last of the day.

Generally, the Hawaiian air carrier refuses to carry them also on connecting flights with a layover time of less than one hour or more than two hours.

Minor passengers wishing to travel alone on a flight of this airline are not accepted on flights with an overnight stopover.

It is impossible for these passengers to board Hawaiian Airlines flights from a flight served by other operators except in the case where it is operated by Ohana by Hawaiian.

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