Assistance for Hawaiian Airlines Passengers: Traveling with a wheelchair and other devices

People with various types of disabilities can easily fly with Hawaiian Airlines. The American airline allows you to bring your wheelchair or other mobility equipment free of charge, including crutches, canes, prosthesis, including essential medical devices such as POC portable oxygen devices.

Airline ticket reservations for these passengers cannot be made online.

Since it is mandatory to inform the Hawaiian Airlines agents in advance of your special needs (bringing a wheelchair in the cabin), it will therefore be necessary to make the reservation by telephone or in a Hawaiian office or in a travel agency accredited.

After making the reservation, please contact your airline’s customer service department at least 48 hours before departure, and inform the reservation agent of your additional requirements and provide them with the weights and dimensions of your rolling stock in order to confirm they correspond to the rules of the airline.

For reservations, contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service by phone: 1-800-367-5320

For information on the services offered and provided to passengers with reduced mobility, call: 1-800-778-4838

No matter which airport you are traveling from, you can use assistance for free. Please only arrive early (at least two hours before your scheduled flight departure) as your wheelchair is considered heavy baggage and therefore must be checked in (Knowing that their weights/dimensions are not included in the baggage allowance).

From the moment of disembarkation until boarding, you will be taken care of by an assistant in a wheelchair belonging to the airport, and it is up to the latter to take care of all the necessary steps prior to your boarding on board including registration, customs control. Upon your arrival, the assistant will help you get off the aircraft and collect your luggage, and will escort you to the exit doors.

Other passengers eligible for services offered to passengers with reduced mobility

All Hawaiian Airlines customers with a disability benefit from an accompaniment service, pick-up and delivery of their luggage. They are travellers:

– Visually impaired/hearing impaired passengers (whether or not traveling with support/service animals;

– Passengers using walking devices (walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, …);

– Travelers requiring a Portable Oxygen Concentrator during the flight or other respiratory assistance devices;

– Passengers with severe allergies (requiring their seats disinfected before boarding);

– Passengers with intellectual or cognitive disabilities (must travel with an accompanying adult with their own plane ticket).

Travel on Hawaiian Airlines Flights for the Visually Impaired

Visually impaired passengers are entitled to assistance at the airport, as are passengers with reduced mobility. The assistant will help them in all matters related to the trip. If the passenger is traveling with an attendant, they will be seated next to each other.

If you are traveling with a guide dog, the Hawaiian company allows you to take your dog on board for free. The dog cannot just occupy a seat.

Fast check-in (priority at the airport)

Can people with reduced mobility benefit from faster check-in at the airport. They can use the priority line at the airport whether for document control or boarding. On the other hand, a person without a visible disability must have a disabled person’s ID in order to be able to stand in a shorter queue.

Practical information for those traveling by air with special conditions

Some things that passengers; traveling under special conditions; need to know before taking their flight:

– It is important that when you book your ticket, you inform your airline of your disability.

– For safety reasons, passengers with disabilities will not be able to occupy certain seats on the aircraft, such as seats next to emergency exits.

– Assistance dogs can travel with their master on the plane.

– In general, the seats in the first rows are intended for people with reduced mobility, the flight crew will help you in assigning your seats.

– The vast majority of airports already have accessible counters and special waiting rooms for people with disabilities.

– The airports have a wheelchair service, but it must be requested when booking the ticket.

– Remember to inform the Hawaiian Airlines crew if you need to take oxygen, if you have an implanted pacemaker, medications carried, etc. Medicines should go in hand luggage.

For security reasons, the American airline may limit the number of people with reduced mobility on board, which generally varies between three and five passengers depending on the airline.

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