Manage Hawaiian Airlines flight and travel bookings online

A new Manage Flight button has appeared on the Hawaiian Airlines website and mobile app, through which customers can open their reservation and autonomously make the most frequently requested changes.

The Hawaiian airline launched a new solution for the airline ticket reservation system, which allowed its customers to make small changes to their ticket reservations for different routes and airline routes.

The new feature allows Hawaiian Airlines customers (passengers) to access their tickets online. To access his reservation, the passenger only needs to enter the reservation number and his surname.

Passengers who buy a plane ticket with Hawaiian Airlines can modify their reservation online:

To change the date, time or destination of an online flight reservation, you need to go to the Manage Reservations section and press the Change Flight button.

In this case, remember that after making changes to a Hawaiian Airlines flight reservation, you must check in again and print your boarding pass again.

With Hawaiian Airlines’ online rebooking service, travelers can easily and quickly change their flights. The service is available to all Hawaiian Airlines customers, allowing them to make changes to their travel plans anytime, from anywhere.

The online rebooking service allows customers to modify or cancel existing reservations, change flight dates or times, select seats, add special services such as meals or a luggage, and even to upgrade their class of travel. Customers can also access the latest flight information and check in online before arriving at the airport.

Fast and secure service

All customer data is encrypted using industry standard security protocols and securely stored in a secure database. Hawaiian Airlines also offers 24/7 customer support for any questions or concerns customers may have.

With Hawaiian Airlines’ online rebooking service, travelers can quickly and easily change their travel plans without having to worry about long lines or waiting. The service is secure, reliable and gives customers the flexibility they need to adjust their travel plans at any time. Whether it’s a last-minute plan change or a class upgrade, Hawaiian Airlines’ online rebooking service makes it easy for customers to get where they need to go.

Changing and correcting a name mistake on a Hawaiian Airlines airline ticket?

If you made a mistake when entering your name on a Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket, you can contact the airline directly to make the necessary changes. The process of correcting an incorrect name on a Hawaiian Airlines ticket is relatively simple and can be completed in just a few steps.

This kind of operation cannot be done online. You will therefore need to contact the airline’s customer service to inform them of the error. By calling an advisor at 800.367.5320 You will need to provide them with your booking reference number. Once they verify your identity, they can update the name on your ticket.

Is this service free or paid?

You will have to pay all applicable fees associated with the change of name on your ticket, which are set at $25, but this is required in the event that you have made the reservation of your plane ticket with a tour operator. Otherwise, if you made your reservation with Hawaiian Airlines, requests for the correction of your incorrect name are completely free.

Finally, once the name has changed, you will need to print a new copy of your ticket with the updated information.

– Legal name change?

It is important to note that Hawaiian Airlines authorizes passengers to change their name on the tickets after they have been issued in certain cases, namely: Marriage, Divorce, … For this they must contact a Hawaiian Airlines customer relationship manager online at 800-367-5320 knowing that supporting documents are required to complete the procedure.

Service Manage my Booking inaccessible online?

If it is not possible to access this service online, you should contact Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service directly. The airline has a customer service team available 24/7 to help you with any reservation-related issues. You can reach them by phone, email or chat. They can help you change your flight dates, update your personal information, cancel flights and more. Also, if you need to make changes to an existing reservation or book a new one, they can do it for you over the phone.


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