Hawaiian Airlines: Enhanced checked baggage allowance applies to military

If you’re a member of the military, it’s important to know your rights and privileges when traveling on Hawaiian Airlines aircraft, especially when it comes to baggage allowance.

A special policy is in place for active duty members and retirees which means you may qualify for extra baggage weight on domestic and international flights depending on your fare.

Are you military? Find out your checked baggage allowance

As an active duty member, active military members enjoy special privileges including a generous baggage allowance. This means a higher weight limit per bag than allowed by regular airline ticket holders.

Several major commercial carriers offer military baggage allowances upon proof of service at time of booking or check-in prior to flight departure, and one of its operators is Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines offers reduced travel fares and special military baggage allowances for members of the United States Armed Forces. Military members traveling on active duty or for leisure can take advantage of these discounts and services to ensure their trip is hassle-free.

This airline offers exceptional discounts to members of the United States Armed Forces. In order to qualify for discounted rates, travelers must present a valid military ID or dependent ID at time of check-in.

Baggage allowance: How many pieces of active military luggage, and what is their weight and size limit?

2 x 50 Ibs: Active duty personnel, retired military personnel, and dependents are entitled to two complimentary checked bags, each weighing up to 50 pounds and measuring 62 inches, when traveling with Hawaiian Airlines.

– Excess Baggage: Additional baggage charges may apply depending on your travel details. They will be assessed during online check-in or at the airport kiosk. Baggage fees are USD 25 per bag from the continental US and USD 50 per bag from foreign airports.

So if you’re a member of the armed forces and need a completely hassle-free travel experience, Hawaiian Airlines’ special military baggage allowance can help you get there in comfort.

Traveling under military orders can be a daunting task, but fortunately Hawaiian Airlines is here to make it easy. Military personnel and qualified dependents can enjoy a number of benefits when traveling on this airline’s routes, including waived baggage fees, priority boarding and fare upgrades.

Passengers taking a Hawaiian Airlines flight under military order

When traveling under official government travel orders or temporary assignments, military personnel are granted enhanced baggage allowance. They can check in 5 bags free of charge with a weight of 70Ibs per piece and a size of 80 linear.

Pre-boarding priority and boarding lanes

On all Hawaiian Airlines flights, active duty military personnel and qualified dependents are welcome to pre-board from Group 1 at designated gates. All passengers requiring special assistance should contact their boarding gate prior to departure. Passengers identified in uniform as military personnel traveling for pleasure may also board from Group 1 with valid ID at most US network airports! They can also enjoy access to popular “elite” express boarding lanes at many airport terminals, where available.

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