See what a Hawaiian Airlines Premium (Business) Class travel experience looks like

Behind the curtain of an airplane that separates business class from economy class aboard Hawaiian Airlines planes hides another world: seats convertible into beds, porcelain dishes, silk sheets and even chefs on board.

A fold-out chair, a porcelain dinner, and drinks on demand that’s what you associate with flying business class on Hawaiian Airlines.

Traveling in Hawaiian Airlines business class is well worth it

When you book a Hawaiian Airlines Business Class plane ticket, know that your journey begins before you even board the plane:

– Dedicated check-in counters

There are separate check-in counters for business class passengers.

– A dedicated line that allows you to quickly pass the security check

As a business class passenger, you are welcome to use the fast-track, i.e. a faster route through security screening. This one is at the other end of the airport terminal.

– Free access to the Plumeria Lounge

The Hawaiian airline’s Business Premium class experience begins with access to its VIP rooms, which have rest rooms, showers and a wide gastronomic offer.

After a standard procedure, already in the restricted area of ​​the airport, you can use the Plumeria business lounge of Hawaiian Airlines.

In this VIP area you can sit in comfortable leather armchairs and sofas. Meals and snacks are also available.

Another advantage of the Plumeria Lounge is that it is located at the apron level and allows you to see aircraft being prepared for flight up close.

– Exclusive boarding queue

Hawaiian Airlines Business Class passengers are welcome to board first. Upon boarding the plane and in contact with his crew, the passenger will be received by one of his hostesses, but during the flight he will be taken care of by a member of the cabin crew in a personalized manner.

– A sophisticated and comfortable cabin

The Hawaiian airline’s aircraft welcome Business Class passengers in a sophisticated space. The mix of beige and brown fabrics adds to a luxurious atmosphere within the cabin.

– During the flight, passengers get more comfort and privacy

Hawaiian Airlines aircraft feature fully reclining, aisle-access, adaptable seats in Business Class and in-flight entertainment with 18″ tables, plus plenty of room to place personal effects.

A unique and customizable lighting system creates an atmosphere that varies according to the phases of the flight as well as during the cabin meal service.

Luggage compartments offer passengers more space to store their hand baggage.

Passengers also benefit from thoughtful details, including easy-to-access charging stations, a spacious dining table and a side table for the cocktail.

This airline’s business class seats provide direct aisle access for all passengers, recline to a flat position, and offer ample personal storage space and a high degree of privacy.

– A beauty kit is offered to travelers

To guarantee maximum well-being for Business customers, especially on distance language flights.

A creative and quality cuisine offered to travelers

Hawaiian Airlines is the true embodiment of luxury in the air and on its flights you can enjoy a more than interesting gastronomic offer specially designed by an international culinary panel of renowned chefs.

A few minutes after takeoff, the Hawaiian Airlines hostess gives you the menu for the day’s flight, which is intended for Business Class passengers only.

A rich and varied entertainment system and leisure programs

As part of the in-flight experience, Hawaiian Airlines offers in-flight entertainment and WIFI service. She offers its passengers traveling in Business class an incomparable flight experience thanks to its sophisticated cabin, its entertainment system and its Internet access on board.

Travelers aboard this cabin can enjoy in-flight entertainment on an individual tablet with an adjustable arm to a wide range of angles. An adjustable headrest and an individual coat rack are also installed for each seat.

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