Add excess and extra checked baggage on Hawaiian Airlines flights: fees charged for oversized or overweight pieces

Planning a trip to the tropical destination of Hawaii? Whether on vacation or business, Hawaiian Airlines provides passengers with an easy check-in experience. For passengers planning to bring extra baggage, understanding the airline’s excess baggage policy and how to pay for that extra baggage online or at the airport can make the process easier.

Hawaiian Airlines excess baggage policy

Here are all the details you need to know about Hawaiian Airlines’ policy and the payment methods and options it offers customers to pay for additional baggage charges on its various routes:

Hawaiian Airlines allows each passenger to bring two checked bags with a weight allowance of up to 50 lbs (per piece). Any excess baggage exceeding these allowances will be subject to additional charges. Fees are calculated per pound, with no minimum fee charged. Oversized items also incur additional charges.

Fares and charges for excess, overweight or oversized baggage (on domestic and international flights)

The exact number of bags allowed on your allowance (per DOT regulations) may vary depending on your flight fare. Excess weight over 50lbs (23kg) will be charged as follows:

– Fees for checking additional pieces of baggage

Flight from

Excess price (per piece)

KRW 150,000


JPY 15,000

AUD 150.00

New Zealand

NZD 200.00


CNY 900
Other points of departure (airports)

USD 150.00

– Fees charged by Hawaiian Airlines for checking in oversized baggage

Knowing that the size of a baggage according to the allowance of Hawaiian Airlines is limited to 62 inches (157 cm), this air operator authorizes its customers to travel with baggage displaying measurements greater than those indicated in the allowance included in their reservation, by paying an additional fee. It is important to note that the maximum size of a piece of luggage going into the holds of the aircraft of this airline is 80 inches (206cm).

As for the weight of luggage authorized on HA flights, it is limited to 50 Ibs (23kg). However, the Hawaiian air carrier offers its travelers the possibility of improving the weight authorized in their franchise by purchasing excess or supplements (extra) knowing that the maximum weight accepted in the hold is 100 lbs (45 kg) per piece.

Flight from

Oversize Pieces Overweight Pieces

Excess price (per piece)


JPY 15,000 JPY 40,000
Japan KRW 150,000

KRW 400,000


CNY 900 CNY 2500
Other points of departure (airports) USD 150.00

USD 400.00

 Note: Noting that the purchase of excess baggage to check in overweight baggage is not possible on flights between the airports of the following countries: United States, Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia (Papeete)

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you often find yourself trying to pack more luggage than your airline allows? If so, be aware that buying extra luggage online is a cheaper alternative. Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should buy extra luggage online:

– Avoid the queues

If you don’t buy your extra luggage before you get to the airport, chances are there will be long lines of other people trying to do the same. By purchasing online, you can simply print out your confirmation and go straight to the check-in counter – without any delay.

– Save money on the purchase of your excess baggage

When it comes to buying extra baggage at the airport, usually charge a premium fare for last minute purchases. However, when you buy extra baggage online in advance, you have access to much better deals and discounts from Hawaiian Airlines, which can help save you money in the long run.

– Benefits of budgeting

When traveling with excess baggage, it is important that it is accounted for in advance. Purchasing extra baggage online helps maintain budget constraints by helping to predict costs in advance rather than paying additional fees on arrival which can lead to a potential financial blowout while traveling abroad.

– Eliminate stress at the airport

Purchasing your extra baggage online eliminates unnecessary stress by giving travelers peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about being overweight while on vacation or on business trips abroad. ‘foreign. Plus, since the Hawaiian carrier allows customers to purchase overages at discounted rates, it’s definitely worth considering.

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