Cat, dog, bird, rabbit and other pet travel on Frontier Airlines flights

If you are about to take a Frontier Airlines flight with your pet, you should know that there are rules to follow/respect for your next flight:

– The transport of your animal (dog, cat, bird, …) is chargeable: Billed at $99 per trip (knowing that these costs are not refundable if you cancel your reservation).

– Carrying a personal item in the cabin: Free of charge, which should measure no more than 40″ (8″H x 14″W x 18″L).

– Pets (domestic) are permitted to travel in the cabin only

– Minimum age required to travel in the cabin: 8 weeks

– With the exception of dogs and cats, other animals cannot always be transported on national and international flights operated by Frontier Airlines.

– If you plan to take your pet with you in the cabin, know that Frontier Airlines accepts it on all its domestic flights, including its connections to or from Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

– Seat choice is limited: It is not possible to choose a seat in the first row, or in an emergency exit row.

Pets Prohibited on Frontier Airlines Flights

Large birds such as parrots, macaws, cockatoos and birds of prey,

Rodents: mice, rats, squirrels

Beavers, ferrets, reptiles (snakes), amphibians, spiders and insects

Other animals (carnivorous): Tiger, Lyon, Bear

Your pet must be placed in an approved cage (container)

It is necessary to guarantee the comfort of the animal during the trip in the cabin, that it is placed in a cage with a wide and adequate space according to its size, which is why the cage in which it travels must be rigid, plastic and aluminum, in addition, there must be a minimum distance of four inches between the animal’s head and the ceiling when standing, and must be able to turn around freely.

– Container dimensions

In addition to being a soft case, according to IATA standards, your pet’s carrier must measure no more than 40”: 18”x14”x8”.

You must be in possession of an original health certificate attesting that your animal is fit to be transported. Its validity must not exceed 10 to 30 calendar days and it must mention that your animal is free from infectious and parasitic diseases. Likewise, it should be mentioned that there are no fresh or healing wounds.

The deadline for issuing a certificate changes depending on the country:


Number of days
United States


Puerto Rico

Dominican Republic


Costa Rica



Book pet transport service online

Fill out a simple form and send it 48 hours before departure to Frontier Airlines customer service who will take care of its processing and make sure to meet your travel needs with your four-legged friend.

Information that your Health Certificate must include

– Name and address of the owner

– Type of animal (dog, cat, rabbit, …)

– Country of departure and Country of destination

– Valid rabies vaccination certificate (within 6 to 12 months) + Immunization must be administered between one month and one year before departure.

– Vaccinations against hepatitis, PIP and leptospirosis are strongly recommended

Other conditions to be met if you are traveling with your animal from or to the following countries:

– Mexico and the Dominican Republic

A certificate attesting that the animal is free from contagious or parasitic disease

– Puerto Rico

The dog must have a solid appeasement collar, with two tags for easy identification (containing address and telephone)

– Canada

The rabies vaccination certificate must be issued by a veterinarian from the country of origin, in two languages: English and French. This document must certify that the animal has undergone a preventive anti-parasitic treatment, as it must contain all the vaccination dates and expiry date of the anti-rabies vaccine.

Taking a Frontier Airlines flight with your pet: the necessary preparations

For many travelers, taking their four-legged friends with them on vacation is indisputable.

However, there are some minimum factors you need to assess for your pet to travel comfortably and safely with you on the plane:

– Before leaving

In order not to have any setbacks, it is important that you confirm and plan everything in advance. Traveling with pets by air isn’t difficult, but it can take a few days to get all the paperwork done, so don’t wait until the last minute.

First, confirm with the Official Veterinary Service of your destination what sanitary requirements they have for entry. They may require a veterinary certificate, a vaccination card with a special dose, among others.

– The day of departure

If your animal (dog or cat, etc.) is traveling in the hold, make sure you have a cage adapted to its size and meeting airline requirements. For international travel, it is necessary that the grid is metallic.

Get your pet used to being in the crate beforehand, even try to get him to sleep the night before, so it won’t be a stress factor during the trip.

Give him a long walk before the flight, so he’s tired and relaxed, perhaps sleeping a good part of the way.

Make sure he eats his last meal at least six hours before the flight.

Avoid giving him sedatives and other tranquilizing drugs.

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